2017 Zero motorcycles have increased range 360km hit battle lightning strike

Zero Motorcycles claims 320km range

Zero Motorcycles has announced their 2017 models will have increased range up to 200 miles (320km), seemingly kicking down one of the barriers for buyers. However, the extended range only comes with the purchase of an optional $4790 ($US2700) Power Tank. Interestingly, only one power tank has been sold in Australia over the past few years. Over the past …

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Zero DSR electric motorcycle

Zero adds 2 models and super charger

Electric bikes have received a jolt from Zero Motorcycles with the addition of two new models and an optional Super Charger that will charge the bike in under an hour. The compact 8kW Super Charger ($US2499) was developed by DigiNow and eMotorWerks to fit in the “tank” area of the new or previous model Zero S …

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Sine Cycles electric chopper cruisers

Cruisers finally get electric power

The infant electric motorcycle market has been dominated by naked, sports and off-road machines and even Harley-Davidson and Victory Motorcycles have gone electric without a cruiser model. But electric cruisers may not be too far away. Switzerland-based Sine Cycles has produced an electric chopper by taking a Tha Heist frame from Cleveland Cyclewerks and a 2013 …

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Zec00 electric motorcycle expensive

Low rider electric motorcycle revealed

Japanese designer Kota Nezu has created a low-riding electric motorcycle that challenges some of the conventions of new-era zero-emission bikes. For a start the zec00 has hub centre steering which is an old concept that still has some advantages (read about one new concept here) and has belt drive rather than direct drive like most …

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Zero DS electric motorcycle

Funds boost for electric motorcycles

Research and development is the most important – and expensive – ingredient for any electric motorcycle company to grow. And now the  California California Energy Commission (CEC) has just granted the Zero Motorcycles company a $US1 million grant for research and development. Even better, the company’s backers have agreed to match the grant, giving Zero …

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Zero motorcycles electric motorcycles

Zero electric motorcycles on track

The full range of 2015 Zero Motorcycles electric bikes is heading for Australia. Zero Motorcycles Asia Pacific sales director Phillip Wilkinson says they will have four dealers in three states with bikes on the showroom floor by the end of May, 2015. The American electric motorcycle company has been without a dealer for a few …

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Zero electric motorcycle customised by Bruno

Zero electric motorcycle customised

Electric bikes are moving ever closer to public acceptance with the latest step being this customised Zero electric motorcycle. Once customisers realise how clean they can make an electric bike because of its lack of plumbing and cables, they will become a popular platform for bobbers, trackers, cafe racers, etc. This custom job was performed by Pasadena …

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motorcycle travel

Motorcycle travel by electricity

Austrian motorcycle travel company, Edelweiss Bike Travel, is the first we have heard of that offers tours on electric bikes. It sounds pretty strange since electric bikes have limited range, but Edelweiss has teamed with Californian electric motorcycle company Zero who have one of the longest ranges of any electric bikes. READ MY ZERO REVIEW …

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Lightning electric motorcycle

World’s fastest production electric motorcycle unveiled

The world’s fastest electric bike can be yours for a $10,000 deposit. Lightning Motorcycles is taking deposits now on their 150kW (200hp) Lightning LS-218 street-legal sportsbike. Lightning Motorcycle marketing manager Jojo Chang says the total price is $US38,888 (about $41,500) plus friehgt and various import duties and on-road costs. “We are looking for dealers in …

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