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10 signs you’re a biker at heart

Are you a biker at heart? Some things in life cannot be explained unless you live them. Certain sensations, which are hard to describe, can only be felt to be fully understood. Being a biker is one of those things. Bikers the world over have all been through the frustrating process of trying to explain …

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Meditation by Motorcycle

The art of meditation on a motorcycle

Many riders enjoy the solitude and mental focus of riding a motorcycle and now author John Metzger expands on how meditation can help you reach motorcycling nirvana. His book, Meditation by Motorcycle – Ride Your Carbon Footprint to the Apex of Enlightenment, is available as an 88-page eBook online through Amazon for $6.60 and will …

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Robert M Pirsig and son Chris Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance

Tribute to ‘Zen’ author Robert M Pirsig

If you are philosophical about your riding and your motorcycle, you can be assured you are not alone as author Robert M Pirsig so articulately pointed out in his 1974 classic book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Pirsig died this week aged 88 at his home in Maine and is survived by wife Wendy, …

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