Yamaha has filed yet another patent for yet another leaning trike, this time with a hybrid powertrain. lean

Yamaha lean toward three-wheelers

Yamaha has filed yet another patent that shows yet again that they lean toward leaning trikes, this time with a hybrid powertrain. The Japanese company already has a lean on leaning trikes with their TriCity scooter and Niken motorcycle. They have also filed several patents before for leaning three-wheelers. They are not alone in pursuing …

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Yamaha turbo blown

Yamaha opt for car-like turbocharger

Yamaha appears to be planning on a blown future with a turbocharger system similar to that used in many cars where the unit is next to the exhaust manifold. The Japanese company filed a patent in April 2019 for a parallel twin with two turbo options, the other placing the unit inside the exhaust. Now …

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Yamaha Roma Edition Xax scooter pandemic shutdown closure

Yamaha slams Indian pandemic closure

Yamaha has slammed the Indian Government over the complete closure of industry for the pandemic while also releasing a tribute scooter (above) to the resilience of Italians through the crisis. The Japanese motorcycle manufacturer, which has three factories in India, says the complete closure should have been reviewed carefully. Yamaha India boss Motofumi Shitara says …

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Dad and Dave

Boat sale leads Dad and Dave into bikes

Tamworth reader Dave Richards got into bikes with his dad by selling a boat. Here’s his amusing tale. (Readers are invited to tell us about their bike by sending their details via email.)  I’d bought a cheap tinny, fixed it, played with it, got bored with it and was selling it. Had it out the …

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Yamaha cruisers have five-year warranties mature flashes

Light flashes, horn blows in a crash

Yamaha is the latest to develop an automatic emergency call system in the event of a crash, but their system also flashes the lights and bows the horn. SOS buttons or eCall systems have been available in cars for some time and have now been mandated throughout Europe. It is expected they may also be …

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An electric commuter/off-road motorcycle, a concept electric BMW and the new Yamaha Ténéré 700 adventure bike have been honoured with international iF Design Awards.

What Are the Best All-Rounder Bikes?

By Jim Bevin* 2020 is set to be a strange time for those who live outdoors and on the open road. That definitely applies to biking fans. Social distancing measures mean many of us will be stuck inside looking for things to do. Fortunately, the advent of the internet means there is actually plenty to keep …

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Ducati factory closure

Virus forces motorcycle factory closures

The list of motorcycle factory closures due to the coronavirus pandemic is growing daily. Ducati has now announced it will extend the closure of its factory in Bologna until 25 March 2020 and Brembo and Yamaha have closed their European factories. Moto Morini, KTM, Husqvarna and GasGas had already closed their factories in Italy and Austria. …

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2019 Yamaha YZF-R3 recall notice

Yamaha R3 on 11th recall notice

Yamaha Motor Australia has issued a second recall notice in a matter of days on the learner-approved 2019 YZF-R3A in what is now its 11th recall since 2015. Both new issues revolve around separate causes for a break in the front brake hose. The first recall on Friday, issued through the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, …

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Yamaha FJR damage alert

Yamaha carbon frame has damage alert

Yamaha has applied for a patent on a carbon fibre frame that changes colours like a bruise when it has been damaged to alert the rider of a potential fault. You would think a rider would know when their bike has been damaged in a crash! After all, with metal frames you can see bends …

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2019 Yamaha YZF-R3 fault

Yamaha recall R3 over brake fault

Yamaha Motor Australia has issued an immediate safety recall of its learner-approved 2019 YZF-R3A over a fault with the front brake hose. The official notice issued through the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says the bracket supporting the front brake hose may dislodge. It says this could cause “friction between the brake hose and the …

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