most common road accident

6 Things to Consider Before Hiring an Accident Lawyer

(Contributed post for our North American readers) Accident lawyers or personal injury lawyers will represent you in the court of law when you are bringing in a case against someone for injuries they caused. It works both ways; they can either pursue your case in the court or defend you if a case is filed …

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Justice moves slowly in driver/rider crashes

Justice seems to move slowly, especially when it involves drivers charged over a crash with a motorcycle or scooter rider. In the past week, three drivers have faced NSW courts over crashes with riders stretching back almost four months, yet there are no results so far. While some may be sceptical that the courts are …

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Tweed Heads Free motorcycle first-and course

Free motorcycle first-aid course offered

If you come across a rider down, have you done a first-aid course so you know how to apply relevant emergency aid? There are various motorcycle-specific first-aid courses offered around the country, but Tweed Heads Council is offering a first-aid workshop for free next weekend (Saturday 23 November 2019) at the Pottsville Beach Community Hall. …

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What to do if you have been involved in a motorcycle accident crash compensation

Obtaining proper compensation after a crash

(Contributed post: Making sure you are properly compensated for motorcycle accident injuries) Sadly, accidents are something that a lot of motorbike riders experience. There is no doubt that you are more vulnerable than a car driver is. Figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) demonstrate this. In the USA, 13 car drivers die …

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Crash - look for bikes payout

World’s ‘biggest’ motorcycle crash payout

A North Carolina Harley rider has been awarded $US4m (almost $A6m) after a crash with a driver who failed to yield right-of-way in what is believed to be the world’s biggest motorcycle crash payout. The 29-year-old rider was travelling about 15mph (about 24km/h) when he was struck by a vehicle that accelerated away from a …

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Queensland police licence annual ipswich

Rider dies in head-on crash near Ipswich

A rider in his 20s has died in head-on collision on the Brisbane Valley Highway at Ironbark, near Ipswich, overnight. Queensland Police say the crash happened about 10.55pm. They say the motorcycle, ridden by the man from nearby Mt Crosby was heading west when it collided with a sedan travelling in the opposite direction. The …

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U-turn rider slams police hypcrisy crash accident traffic offence white line

Rider slams Queensland Police hypocrisy

A rider who hit a car doing an illegal u-turn across double white lines is claiming police hypocrisy for inaction while fining him for allegedly clipping an unbroken white line in a separate incident. Tristan Holland says the two different approaches by Queensland Police smack of hypocrisy. Earlier this year, Tristan was fined for allegedly …

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concerns for single-vehicle crash reports

Concerns over single-vehicle crash reports

We have serious concerns with police and mainstream media reports of “single-vehicle motorcycle crashes” as “rider lost control”. Such reports are presumptuous as they are released prior to a proper accident investigation and a Coroner’s report. Today a Yamaha R6 rider went down on Springbrook Rd on the Gold Coast hinterland. The evidence of the …

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smidsy sorry mate crash

‘Sorry Mate I Forgot I Saw You’ crashes

Riders aren’t just common victims of SMIDSY (Sorry Mate, I didn’t See You) crashes, but could also be the victims of SMIFISY. It stands for “Sorry Mate I Forgot I Saw You” and it’s been discovered by a University of Nottingham study into crashes where drivers failed to give way to motorcycles. The info researchers …

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