Chris Keeble and her Indian Chief Vintage Calamity Jane

Chris Keeble inspires with Calamity Jane

Blue Mountains rider Chris Keeble, 59, sent us her story about riding her bike, Calamity Jane, in the hope of not only inspiring more women to ride, but also empowering them to ride big bikes like her Indian Chief Vintage. Calamity Jane rides again     I started riding way back in my very early 20’s. My husband …

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Lois Pryce female solo rider

From reluctant pillion to solo rider

How do you encourage women to go from a reluctant pillion to a solo rider? Women riders should be as common as women drivers, according to the American Motorcyclist Association‘s first female chair in its 94-year history, Maggie McNally. Maggie’s comment makes plenty of sense, yet women still only represent about 10-12% of the riding …

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Fabienne Phillips of Girl win female rider training for mother's day women

Girl offers female rider training

Girl female rider training was started late last year by enthusiast rider and motorcycle traveler Fabienne Phillips to “empower more Australian women to ride safely and confidently on the road”. However, it not only offers personalised rider training but also offers women help to buy the right bike and gear. For an annual fee of $99, women …

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saudi arabia women muslim

Saudi Arabia allows women to ride

Women in Saudi Arabia will be allowed to ride motorcycles and drives trucks from June 2018. A Royal decree issued in September lifted the ban on women driving cars and it has now been clarified that the decree extends to motorcycles and trucks. There will be no discrimination between men and women on traffic laws …

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Motorcycles in asia pollution

Ban on motorbikes and women riders

If you think the authorities want to ban motorbikes or make life difficult for riders here, spare a thought for Vietnamese riders and women riders in some Muslim countries. Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, has approved a plan to ban motorbikes from its streets by 2030 to reduce traffic jams and pollution. It is a ridiculous move …

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Black Arrow jacket - Bike shops pay lip service to women fashion

Bike shops ‘ignore women’s fashion’

Many motorcycle shops only pay lip service to women’s riding gear, says Black Arrow fashion designer and motorcyclist Hannah Smith of Sydney. “Female motorcyclists are a fast-growing sector worldwide; fact,” she says. “So it is surprising to me that many motorcycle stores still think that they only need to cater to men with a token …

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Tracy Hughes women make motorcycling safer

Why women make motorcycling safer

The rise of female riders in the ranks is welcome and is changing the whole motorcycling industry, especially in making it safer, says a first-aid expert. While women represent about 10% of the Australian riding population First Aid for Motorcyclists founder Tracy Hughes (pictured above) says women represent about 20-25% of participants at their Motorcycle …

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Women riders in Pakistan (photo Maryiam Pervaizal, Al Jazeera)

Women riders break down barriers

American Valerie Thompson has broken the 300mph speed barrier on a streamliner motorcycle as women in Pakistan are breaking down religious barriers just by riding. It’s turning out to be a great year for female riders as numbers continue to grow. In the US, female rider numbers have doubled in the past dozen years to …

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Women female name

Female rider numbers grow in 2015

The number of female riders has doubled from 2003 to 2015 in the United States, while in Australia where such official figures are not kept, there has also been a significant increase. The American Motorcycle Industry Council’s Motorcycle Owner Survey shows female riders account for 14% of the riding population. In 1998, it was 8%, …

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Women riders female

Female riders more safety conscious

Female riders are more safety conscious and more interested in the rest stops along the way than looking at the scenery, according to our recent global survey. While male and female motorcycle riders share a lot of similar interests and habits in our survey of 739 readers, there were a few points where they varied …

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