Women Riders World Relay baton

Baton arrives in Women Riders World Relay

The baton in the Women Riders World Relay arrived for the Australian leg yesterday with about 58 women riding out of Perth. Among them is 55-year-old Brisbane grandmother Collette Tindal (pictured above) who has so far ridden all the route, except for Indonesia. Women Riders World Relay (WRWR) is a world-first all-female motorbike relay passing a baton across 80 …

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2014 Babe Raid sets world record

Women riders set world record at Babe Raid

The 2014 Babe Raid motorcycle rally in Ballina has set a world record for the most women on motorcycles in one place. Babe Raid organiser Debb Dagger says the annual Ballina Raid is now the biggest all-women’s motorcycle weekend event in the world. Last year, 284 women rode to the coastal NSW town to set …

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Women riders female

Women riders celebrate motorcycles

A Biking Ladies Day has been organised to “celebrate and educate female riders”. Erika Fearman, a self-confessed “weekend chief kitchen bitch” at Bellbird Creek Cafe, Kenilworth, in South East Queensland, says she decided to organise the free event on March 29 “to build a bit of community spirit”. “The ladies day is mostly intended as …

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Why don’t more women ride? Part 3, Sons of Anarchy myth

Not all women riders are battered wives with rough husbands like on Sons of Anarchy, says women riders rally organiser Debb Dagger. She says women need to “work hard on having the wider community understand who we are”. “We are not all Sons of Anarchy,” she says. “Sadly, a woman I met recently referred to …

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Why don’t more women ride? (Part 2)

Women’s-only riding courses and basic mechanics courses could encourage more women to take up riding, according to women riders. These are two suggestions from women riders I interviewed today in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. The question arose a couple of days ago after I published a story about a Harley-Davidson study of more than 2000 …

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