What does time mean to an easy rider? watch

What does time mean to an easy rider?

Peter Fonda famously throws away his watch in the cult 1969 movie Easy Rider, starting a fad with riders and other travellers to discard their watches and disregard the constraints of time. A watch is a symbol of “the man”, society and capitalism that constrain us. Motorcycles are freedom machines that allow us to escape …

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Easy Rider Peter Fonda in the AMG Super Bowl ad

Has Easy Rider sold out for a luxury car?

Could it be that the hardtail chopper-riding hippy of Easy Rider fame, Peter Fonda, has sold out to a German luxury car brand? The following advertisement was featured during the televising of the annual Super Bow football finals in the US. It not only reprises Peter’s Captain America leather jacket from the cult 1969 film, but …

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American helmet laws

US moving toward liberal motorbike helmet laws

The US seems to be gradually moving toward more liberal motorbike helmet laws allowing adult riders to choose for themselves whether they wear a helmet or not. It seems strange to Australian riders since we were the first nation in the world to make helmets compulsory in 1961. Most states in the US introduced compulsory helmet laws …

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Motorcycle movie review

Motorcycle movies: Motorbike riders deserve to have their story told on the big screen. There have been a few successes over the years, but the last major motorcycle movie of note was “Wild Hogs”, a Hollywood comedy that nonetheless ceverly defined the midlife crisis trend. Now comes a bike movie made by biker riders with …

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Bikers born to be mild

Have bikers gone soft and has the world gone soft on bikers? Rather than the tough image of born-be-wild bikers roaring through the countryside like Vikings on a bender, many bikers today are a born-to-be-mild gentrified bunch of professionals and self-made business people spreading joy and cash around  provincial communities. And rather than shuttering up …

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Girl Meets Bike motorcycle movie

It’s about time a decent motorcycle movie was made – and Girl Meets Bike could be that movie. The independent American motorcycle movie about a woman who buys a 1991 Moto Guzzi 1000s with her wedding dress money is struggling to find distributors and is likely to go straight to video. From the trailer, it seems like …

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