Kevin Scott and his monowheel 'Warhorse' (photo Andy Menzies)

Wacky wheels line up for speed records

The recently crowned world wheelie champion will bid for British and world speed records along with an 8000cc bike, a monowheel motorcycle, a motorised shed and a jet shopping trolley in the UK this week. The unlikely line-up will be taking part in the Straightliners automotive event at Elvington Airfield near York until Sunday September 19. …

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New world wheelie champion Gary Rothwell - wheelie

New World Wheelie champ reaches 197mph

A new world wheelie champion was crowned, a woman topped the speed trials and a motorised garden shed and world’s fastest toilet took honours at the Motorcycle Wheelie World Championship last weekend. The new wheel champ is Gary Rothwell of Liverpool who carried the front wheel of his turbo Hayabusa aloft for a kilometre at …

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Wheelie record holder Egbert Van-popta from Holland

World Wheelie competition lifts off

If you think you’re pretty good at popping wheelies, you will have to practise to keep up with the competitors in the 10th annual World Wheelie Championship. Up to 30 top competitors from the USA, UK, France, Holland and Ireland will travel down a North Yorkshire airfield runway at over 305km/h (190mph) on August 15-16. The winner and world record …

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Philippines clinches Guinness World Records for burnout

Guinness World Record for burnouts

Motorcycles have been making and breaking Guinness World Records for more than a century and the latest is for the biggest simultaneous motorcycle burnout. The record was set by 300 people on Saturday, April 11, 2015, in Tagaytay City, Philippines. It smokes the previous record of 213 bikes by Harleystunts and Smokey Mountain Harley-Davidson in …

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Riobert Gull performs ice wheelie stunt guinness world records

Fastest motorcycle wheelie on ice

Imagine doing a wheelie at more than 180km/h … on ice! Swedish racer Robert Gull has done it and, in the process, broken the Guinness World Records’ record for the Fastest motorcycle wheelie on ice with an overall speed of 183.8km/h over 100m. Robert was riding a standard Honda CBR 1000RR fitted with a race …

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Stunt rider

Stunt riders shoo off bike cop

(UPDATED NOVEMBER 2) Professional stunt rider Guruardas Singh Khalsa, 32, has been charged after performing high-speed wheelies on a California highway and then “shooing off” a CHiPs bike officer. The rider was caught because they posted video of the incident on YouTube and social media. The video was included in the original story here, but it has …

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Matt Mingay stunt rider

Tips from the top of stunt riding

Australia’s top and most senior stunt rider still has a few tricks up his sleeve. While he won’t say how old he is, Matt Mingay has been stunt riding since 1997, has held three world records and says he is not even thinking of retiring. Since 2006, Matt has been stunt riding on Harley-Davidsons which, …

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Project video on motorbike wheels

Forget about hand signals, now you can express yourself to the surrounding traffic in text and images via a display video on your wheels. Thai company World Moto has produced a light show for your wheels that can display full-colour images, text, animations and even video. Founder and CEO Paul Giles says they “realistically expect …

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Wheelie & lose your bike

Spring could be a crushing time for some riders in the Sunshine State. 
Pop a wheelie or do a burnout in Queensland and your bike could be confiscated for 90 days – the toughest anti-hoon penalty in Oz. Do it again in the next five years and your bike could be sold or crushed. No …

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