Merlin Euston jeans TCX X-Blend waterproof boots

TCX X-Blend boots really are waterproof

The proof is in the riding so we put a new pair of TCX X-Blend waterproof boots to the ultimate test recently simply by riding in the rain for a couple of days. Not only did the $299 Romanian-made boots prove to be waterproof, but with some hot and dry weather thrown in, we also …

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Nelson-Rigg waterproof Aston rain suit

Aston rain suit claims 100% waterproof

The best motorcycle rain suit is one that is not only waterproof, but also easy to put on and take off at the side of the road without having to remove your boots. One-piece rain suits can often be the most most waterproof, but they can be a nuisance to put on and take off. …

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Draggin Hydro waterproof jacket and pants

Draggin Hydro really is waterproof riding gear

A drier-than-normal autumn is not the best time to test the Draggin Hydro waterproof jacket and pants, but I found a simple way to show they are watertight. READ THE JUNE 2016 UPDATE AT THE END OF THIS STORY FOR RESULTS IN REAL-WORLD CONDITIONS! Draggin is an Australian company which invented the world’s first abrasion-resistant jeans and …

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