Ducati V4 EICMA surprise safe best hopes

Is Ducati finally safe from sale?

Ducati seems safe from sale after two years of uncertainty over its future ownership with the Audi boss saying there is no need to sell the motorcycle company. This follows exactly two years of speculation that Ducati would be sold for up to $US1.5b to help pay the multi-billion-dollar VW debt for the emissions scandal. …

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Royal Enfield has top bid to buy Ducati claudio

Royal Enfield has top bid to buy Ducati

Royal Enfield has increased its bid to buy Ducati to a reported €1.8 billion despite the Volkswagen board hung on a decision to sell the Italian motorcycle company. Indian automotive company Eicher Motors, who own Royal Enfield, have always been interested in buying the company since calls of interest were invited in April. However, they …

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2018 Ducati iceberg white XDiavel

Ducati unveils white XDiavel as sale stalls

Ducati have released images of an Iceberg White XDiavel S as owners Volkswagen have stalled on plans to sell the Italian motorcycle manufacturer. White doesn’t seem right for a bike named after the devil, but it certainly looks fantastic. Ducati Australia says it is a 2018 model and will be available about February/March costing about $300 …

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Ducati Owners Club of Queensland quashed

Has Ducati sale now been quashed?

The sale of Ducati is reported to have been quashed by the Volkswagen supervisory board which has a majority of worker representatives. It is believed that the sale was quashed because money is no longer needed to pay “dieselgate” compensation after VW Group’s posted a half-year operating profit of €8.9 billion, up 19%. The sale …

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Ducati factory closure

Workers may save Ducati from sale

Ducati may be safe from “bargain hunters” after VW posted a strong financial result prompting workers on the board to resist selling assets. The Italian motorcycle manufacturer has been on the market for the past eight months along with other VW companies such as MAN trucks to help pay the billions in costs for VW’s …

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40th anniversary of the Ducati Owners Club of Queensland buyout buyers crowd italian

Bids to keep Ducati in Italian hands

An Italian family and the previous Italian owner have joined the bidding to buy Ducati, along with Polaris, KTM, Can-Am Spyder company BRP, and Indian manufacturers. The latest list of potential buyers comes from Reuters which has been reporting on the deal since December 2015 from inside sources. Harley-Davidson had been listed as a possible …

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2017 Harley-Davidson Street Bob buying

Harley-Davidson interested in buying Ducati

Harley-Davidson is the latest motorcycle company to express an interest in buying Ducati and is expected to make a bid in July. Global investment company Evercore, acting for Ducati, has sent out information packages to a number of motorcycle companies including Harley who has asked Goldman Sachs to look into the deal. Other companies who …

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Suzuki faces emissions scandal

Suzuki faces emissions scandal

Suzuki motorcycles is facing its own emissions scandal after the US Environmental Protection Agency charged a former worker with fudging emissions figures. It’s not exactly on the same grand scale as the multi-billion-dollar emissions scandal facing VW, however it shows that we can’t necessarily trust manufacturers with statistics. We wonder how many motorcycle manufacturers also …

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Ducati museum - Buyers ducati world theme park

Buyers lining up for Ducati company

Private equity firms, known for stripping assets, and Indian motorcycle manufacturers are interested buyers for Ducati, according to respected economic source Bloomberg. In April, Volkswagen was reported to be looking for buyers for Ducati to help pay off its multi-billion-dollar costs of the 2015 emissions scandal. This month, the Times of India reported that Ducati …

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Claudio visits the largest Ducati showroom in the world in Jakarta - asian market volkswagen

Volkswagen tipped to sell Ducati

Volkswagen is reported to be looking for buyers for Ducati to help pay off its multi-billion-dollar costs of the 2015 emissions scandal. So far news agencies such as Reuters are only quoting “two people familiar with the matter”, which doesn’t sound very authoritative. And they say they are only testing the waters for interest and …

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