wipey visor

Wipey promises clean helmet visor

There has been no shortage of inventions over the years to keep the rain off your visor and now there is Wipey which is a portable windscreen wiper. Wipey is a snap-on device which fits in seconds to your visor and uses a small electric motor to wipe it clean like a car’s windscreen wiper. The …

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How to protect and clean your helmet visor

Your visor is your window to what lies ahead so it is important to protect it and keep it clean for your own safety. It also advisable to look after your visors because they can be expensive to replace. Read about the “great visor ripoff” here. Protecting your visor You can lengthen the life of …

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Absurd visor laws need simplification ripoff

The great motorcycle helmet visor ripoff

If you think the price of some motorcycle helmets is a ripoff, what about the exorbitant prices you face for a replacement visor? Visors are easily scratched from a mishap or just from bugs, dust, road grime and light gravel and stones. When they are damaged they should be replaced for your own safety. But …

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Bell Bullitt motorcycle helmet with bubble visor helmet cam tinted visor

Tinted helmet visors ‘now legal’

Police have withdrawn a fine against a Victorian rider for having a tinted visor, prompting a call for all riders who have been fined for tinted visors or cameras on their helmets to immediately ask for their fine to be withdrawn. Rider Luke Johnson was fined on November 29, 2014, for having a non-compliant helmet …

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BMW Enduro helmet review

Just because you like roughing it in the bush on your adventure bike doesn’t mean your head has to suffer as well. That’s why I wear a BMW Enduro helmet. Alcantra is a soft suede-like material BMW uses in the upholstery of its luxury cars. The liner in my BMW Enduro helmet is a modern …

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