Bus Lane rider - helmet cam - lane filtering tinted visor

Motorcycles should use bus lanes in trial

A trial of motorcyclists using bus lanes should be introduced in Melbourne “to improve motorcycle safety and allow more efficient traffic movement”, says Shadow Minister for Roads and Infrastructure, David Hodgett. Riders can only legally ride in bus lanes in NSW and the ACT in Australia. In most states, only bicycles, taxis, limousines and emergency …

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Widow at Bad Roads Rally rally

Rider’s widow urges vote for roads

The widow of a rider killed when he hit wire rope barriers has urged riders to vote in this weekend’s Victorian election for the party that pledges to improve the state’s roads. Jan White was speaking at the Bad Roads Rally in Bendigo at the weekend. Her husband, Phil, died a year ago when his Harley …

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Wire rope barriers promise widow vote honoured diverted

Promise to halt wire rope barriers

A pre-election promise to halt the rollout of wire rope barriers (WRBs) in Victoria falls short of advocating against their use. The promise has been made by the Victorian Liberal Nationals ahead of this month’s State election. They are not advocating against their use. “The Liberal Nationals support properly placed and installed wire rope barriers,” their …

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