Bus Lane Trial

Victorian bus lane trial goes on and on …

While riders have been safely using bus lanes in NSW, the ACT and several major cities around the world for several years, Victoria is still in a protracted trial phase and other states lag even further behind. In February, the Victorian Government announced that riders could use more bus lanes in Melbourne for the next …

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Wire rope barriers promise widow vote honoured diverted

Road repairs diverted to fix wire ropes

If riders needed another reason to reject wire rope barriers, it could be the fact that VicRoads has diverted road repair funds to fixing damaged barriers. Riders have long been divided on whether WRBs are dangerous or not. Thousands of riders have signed a petition to halt the rollout in Victoria. The petition was launched last year …

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Driver training car motorcycles awareness

Why the resistance to driver training?

Despite motorcycle riders calling for more driver training and awareness of riders, authorities continue to resist for a variety of reasons. Riders believe better trained drivers would be more aware of them and rules such as lane filtering, making their ride safer. However, politicians and authorities usually reject driver training as being expensive, promoting hooning …

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2016 Victory Octane key

Is traction control a key to safety?

The push for mandatory traction control in motorcycles seems to be starting already with a VicRoads safety campaign emphasising it is a key to rider safety. The campaign features an erroneous online quiz which suggests that traction control will “prevent you from falling off”. VicRoads is not alone in suggesting traction control and other electronic …

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Lower speed limits on rural intersections regional

Lower speeds at regional intersections

A plan to temporarily lower speed limits on regional highway intersections when approaching side-road traffic is detected may not work for motorcycles. The technology has been initially installed at the intersection of Glenelg Highway and Dunkeld-Cavendish Road and Penshurst-Dunkeld Road, near Dunkeld, Victoria, and will be rolled out across the state. Watch this video to …

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Concern over motorbike hit-run crashes collision injured

Show of concern for rider safety

Riders have been called to show their support and concern for their safety today (27 May 2019) ahead of a major Victorian Road Trauma Summit next Friday. Melbourne riders are asked to gather outside the ABC studios at 120 Southbank Boulevard tomorrow from 9-10.30am during a radio forum on safety that previews the government’s summit. …

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inspect road hazards audit

Coroner finds bump caused deaths

A hidden bump that caused the death of a rider and his pillion may not have been detected by VicRoads because it scans roads in a four-wheeled vehicle, not on a motorcycle. The Victorian Coroner’s Court did not find VicRoads culpable for the deaths of Mark Rodgers, 47, and partner Jodi Walsham, 42. However, Coroner …

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Bad Roads Rally roadworks potholes Victoria road hazards bump

Inspectors trained in motorcycle road hazards

A fatal motorcycle crash on a corrugated road surface has sparked a new training program for inspectors to look out for specific road hazards that endanger motorcyclists. VicRoads Safe System Road Infrastructure Program director Scott Lawrence says the training for existing surveillance officers would help road crews “better identify imperfections and other potential road hazards …

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Widow at Bad Roads Rally rally

Rider’s widow urges vote for roads

The widow of a rider killed when he hit wire rope barriers has urged riders to vote in this weekend’s Victorian election for the party that pledges to improve the state’s roads. Jan White was speaking at the Bad Roads Rally in Bendigo at the weekend. Her husband, Phil, died a year ago when his Harley …

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