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Coroner finds bump caused deaths

A hidden bump that caused the death of a rider and his pillion may not have been detected by VicRoads because it scans roads in a four-wheeled vehicle, not on a motorcycle. The Victorian Coroner’s Court did not find VicRoads culpable for the deaths of Mark Rodgers, 47, and partner Jodi Walsham, 42. However, Coroner …

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Bad Roads Rally roadworks potholes Victoria road hazards bump

Inspectors trained in motorcycle road hazards

A fatal motorcycle crash on a corrugated road surface has sparked a new training program for inspectors to look out for specific road hazards that endanger motorcyclists. VicRoads Safe System Road Infrastructure Program director Scott Lawrence says the training for existing surveillance officers would help road crews “better identify imperfections and other potential road hazards …

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Widow at Bad Roads Rally rally

Rider’s widow urges vote for roads

The widow of a rider killed when he hit wire rope barriers has urged riders to vote in this weekend’s Victorian election for the party that pledges to improve the state’s roads. Jan White was speaking at the Bad Roads Rally in Bendigo at the weekend. Her husband, Phil, died a year ago when his Harley …

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Wire rope barriers promise widow vote honoured

Promise to halt wire rope barriers

A pre-election promise to halt the rollout of wire rope barriers (WRBs) in Victoria falls short of advocating against their use. The promise has been made by the Victorian Liberal Nationals ahead of this month’s State election. They are not advocating against their use. “The Liberal Nationals support properly placed and installed wire rope barriers,” their …

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Lane filtering lane splitting stop lines report minister change kerb boxes

Filtering stop lines considered for motorcyclists

Forward stop lines for lane filtering riders could be trialled in one Australian state while others reject it and one state does not even have lane filtering yet. The lines are used in many European and Asian countries to give riders a safe head-start from traffic. This separation of motorcycles from other types of vehicles …

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Bad Roads Rally roadworks potholes Victoria report

Riders urged to support Bad Roads Rally

Riders have been urged to support a Bad Roads Rally to the Victorian Parliament next Tuesday (May 8, 2018) to protest against the “dangerous neglect” of the state’s roads and the widespread use of expensive and “dangerous” wire rope barriers (WRB). Rally organisers, the Independent Riders’ Group (IRG), have asked riders and other motorists to …

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CFMoto-650 Vicroads online Survey motorcycle safety levy Victoria Yarra Black Spur country

Survey on Victorian country roads

Riders around Australia have been urged to take part in a survey on whether Victoria’s country roads should be managed and maintained by VicRoads or local councils. The state is a Mecca for riders from all over the country for the World Superbikes and MotoGP at Phillip Island. They also visit to ride some of …

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Wire rope barriers better roads austroads report hazards support old solar panels promise

Wire rope barriers criticised

Riders may be divided on whether wire rope barriers are good or bad for motorcyclists, but the Victorian Country Fire Authority says they block access to crashes and bushfires. VicRoads now faces a $2 million cut to retrofit emergency access points in the more than 2000km of wire rope barriers (WRB) they have installed. Victorian …

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CFMoto-650 Vicroads online Survey motorcycle safety levy Victoria Yarra Black Spur country

Online survey seeks rider input on safety

An online survey about motorcycle safety targets Victorian riders, but also allows input from interstate riders who travel the many great motorcycling roads in the state. VicRoads’ survey also asks state riders where they should spend the money collected from the $70 annual safety levy. The survey follows the revelation in August that $21.7m of …

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ABS alcohol lock road safety safe

Is ABS as safe as officials believe?

Europe is mandating ABS on motorcycles and it is being considered in Australia but only now is a survey seeking to find out if ABS is safe in the real world. British road safety researcher Elaine Hardy is seeking riders around the globe who have been involved in a crash on a bike fitted with …

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