Theft thieves stolen recover

Stolen bikes take longer to recover

Stolen motorcycles and scooters are now taking longer to recover, according to the latest National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council report. It shows that in the 12 months to March 2020, motor vehicle theft rose 11% while motorcycle and scooter theft was up a whopping 19% to 9938. Motorcycle thefts by state State or Territory …

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nsw cops police Horror bike crashes in two states lying seeking dubbo overnight bail negligent SUV young national park fatal knocking unlicensed guilty stolen

Two charged after stolen bike crash

Two men riding a stolen motorcycle and not wearing helmets have been arrested and charged after a police pursuit on the NSW Central Coast today (31 May 2020). Just after 10.30am, a motorcycle, allegedly stolen from an Erina shopping centre, was seen travelling on Hely Street at Wyong. At the time, the rider and pillion passenger …

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Scooter thief

Can you identify this scooter thief?

Can you identify this scooter thief from the inset image of the man while riding in the back of a taxi? Sunshine Coast detectives want to speak to him about the theft of a Suzuki UK110 scooter from outside a surf club at Coolum last week. Just after 4pm last Saturday (9 May 2020), the man …

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GPS tracking

What are benefits of tracking system on your motorbike?

(Contributed article) You may have heard about vehicle tracking systems and wondered whether the investment is worth it. With bike theft on the rise and insurance costs shooting up they certainly are. Whether you’re an individual motorbike aficionado, or a business owner who needs to track a fleet of motorbikes, here are three main arguments …

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Lock theft stolen Lock Insurance theft motorcycles thief reduce thefts leap

Leap in motorcycle thefts for 2019

Motorcycle theft rose more than any other category of vehicle last year with the biggest leap in South Australia and Tasmania and South East Queensland being a hotspot for thieves. Figures released today by the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council show motorcycle theft across the nation up 10.5% to 9672. That’s a 19.7% leap from the …

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Alarmbox motorcycle motion sensor alarm

Alarmbox may negate need for lock

The Alarmbox aftermarket motion sensor alarm could negate your need to physically lock your motorcycle with a chain or disc lock. Many aftermarket disc locks now have similar sensors. However, the Alarmbox is convenient as you may not need to use a physical locking system. It is similar to the motion sensors built into the …

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KodaKey keyring keys

Never lose your motorcycle keys

If you’ve ever lost your motorcycle key and don’t have a back-up, you’ll know how expensive modern keys can be to replace. Many modern motorcycle keys now have a security code for the ignition immobiliser. It can be etched on the key itself, written down on purchase documentation or owner’s manual, stamped on a card …

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Theft posting

Take care posting about your motorcycle

Posting photos about your motorcycle could be inviting professional theft gangs to target you, warns RACQ safety technical officer and motorcycle rider Steve Spalding. His comments come as this British video seems to show that a group of six thieves knew exactly what they were about to steal from this locked garage. One possibility for …

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Benzina number anti-theft plate holder plate scam cloning

Number plate theft and cloning on the rise

Number plate theft and cloning of plates is on the rise, resulting in riders receiving speeding and parking fines and unpaid toll notices. The National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council says number plate theft can also be used to commit crimes such as petrol theft, robberies, house break-ins and drug trafficking. Police are also reporting …

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INNOVV Motorcycle Camera Dash Recorder K1-M monitor bike front and back

Good Reasons to Own a Mounted Motorcycle Camera

(Sponsored post on mounted motorcycle cameras for our North American readers) Having a motorcycle is a great experience for many people. Around 13 million Americans are proud owners of motorcycles. However, these vehicles are known to have a high accident and injury risk, which is a concerning factor for many owners. With the help of …

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