Lock theft stolen Lock Insurance theft motorcycles thief reduce thefts leap

Leap in motorcycle thefts for 2019

Motorcycle theft rose more than any other category of vehicle last year with the biggest leap in South Australia and Tasmania and South East Queensland being a hotspot for thieves. Figures released today by the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council show motorcycle theft across the nation up 10.5% to 9672. That’s a 19.7% leap from the …

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Alarmbox motorcycle motion sensor alarm

Alarmbox may negate need for lock

The Alarmbox aftermarket motion sensor alarm could negate your need to physically lock your motorcycle with a chain or disc lock. Many aftermarket disc locks now have similar sensors. However, the Alarmbox is convenient as you may not need to use a physical locking system. It is similar to the motion sensors built into the …

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KodaKey keyring keys

Never lose your motorcycle keys

If you’ve ever lost your motorcycle key and don’t have a back-up, you’ll know how expensive modern keys can be to replace. Many modern motorcycle keys now have a security code for the ignition immobiliser. It can be etched on the key itself, written down on purchase documentation or owner’s manual, stamped on a card …

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Theft posting

Take care posting about your motorcycle

Posting photos about your motorcycle could be inviting professional theft gangs to target you, warns RACQ safety technical officer and motorcycle rider Steve Spalding. His comments come as this British video seems to show that a group of six thieves knew exactly what they were about to steal from this locked garage. One possibility for …

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Benzina number anti-theft plate holder plate scam cloning

Number plate theft and cloning on the rise

Number plate theft and cloning of plates is on the rise, resulting in riders receiving speeding and parking fines and unpaid toll notices. The National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council says number plate theft can also be used to commit crimes such as petrol theft, robberies, house break-ins and drug trafficking. Police are also reporting …

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INNOVV Motorcycle Camera Dash Recorder K1-M monitor bike front and back

Good Reasons to Own a Mounted Motorcycle Camera

(Sponsored post on mounted motorcycle cameras for our North American readers) Having a motorcycle is a great experience for many people. Around 13 million Americans are proud owners of motorcycles. However, these vehicles are known to have a high accident and injury risk, which is a concerning factor for many owners. With the help of …

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ZiiLock anti-theft alarm lock

ZiiLock unlocks with thumb or phone

Fumbling with keys on a motorcycle disc or wheel lock is no longer a problem with this ZiiLock bike lock which unlocks with a thumbprint or smartphone. ZiiLock which is based in Pasadena, California, and Taiwan, has an open-ended Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign to launch their alarm bike lock. It has raised more than a quarter …

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Police survey on motorcycle thefts

Motorcycle thefts are double car thefts

Motorcycle thefts in Australia are increasing at more than double the rate of car theft, according to the latest figures for the 2018/2019 financial year. The National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council reports that 9261 motorcycles were stolen in the past financial year, which is 9% more than the previous year. Over the same period, car …

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Lock it or lose it motorcycle theft tougher thefts preventing security

5 Best Security Gadgets for Your Motorbike

(Guest post on bike security for our North American readers) Motorbikes are excellent travel options for those who cherish adventurous trips on and off the road. Moreover, it is one of the most cost-effective and eco-friendly ways to beat heavy traffic in highly populated cities. Therefore, your motorbike is an investment that you need to …

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Lock it or lose it motorcycle theft tougher thefts preventing security

Biggest vehicle theft rise is in motorcycles

Motor vehicle theft in Australia increased by 3% in the past year, largely due to a 9% rise in motorcycle theft.  Motorcycle theft rose by 720 vehicles to a total of 8928, with a recovery rate of 48% in the 12 months to March 2019, according to the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council. Joy ride theft was …

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