Steve Spalding Triumph Bonneville SE Motorcycle mods don’t have to be illegal

Motorcycle mods don’t have to be illegal

A new motorcycle is a blank canvas that you can personalise and modify without making it illegal to ride, says RACQ technical and safety officer Steve Spalding. He recently bought a 2015 Triumph Bonneville SE (above) that he has been gradually “reworking” to his own tastes. “Motorcycles aren’t a one-size-fits-all product,” he says. “Modifications can …

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Is your motorcycle tail tidy legal?

Is your bobbed motorcycle tail tidy legal?

Many riders and custom bike builders “bob” the tail of their motorcycle for a tidier appearance, but are they legal? We’ve heard of police harassing riders over their motorcycle tails and mudguards, and issuing fines for non-compliance. But what exactly is compliant? And do the police even know! In 2014, the Federal Government removed the mudguard …

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Roadside checks concern riders

Riders are staying home amid fears that modifications they have made to their bike might land them an infringement notice if pulled up by the over-zealous police. This is particularly the case in Queensland in the current climate of the so-called “war on bikies” and the harassment of recreational riders with frequent roadside interceptions. Police …

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