Thunderstroke VVT

Indian planning VVT Thunderstroke?

Indian Motorcycle is not only building a new engine, but also seems to be updating its current Thunderstroke 111 with variable valve timing or VVT. Last month, images surfaced of a heavily disguised Indian tourer, possibly called the Raptor, with a fixed fairing and a different engine, believed to be quad-valved and water-cooled. It is …

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Ducati Multistrada to get variable valve timing?

Ducati adds car-like variable valve timing

Ever since Audi bought Ducati in 2012, we have been waiting and watching for the criss-cross of car and bike technology and now it looks like automobile variable valve timing is coming to the Italian motorcycle manufacturer. Recently, Audi’s parent company, VW, released the XL Sport car powered by a Panigale motorcycle engine. READ ABOUT …

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