URAL electric sidecar prototype

Ural Motorcycles unveils first electric sidecar

The iconic boxer heads sticking out the side are missing on the first electric sidecar prototype from Ural Motorcycles. Ural Electric Prototype is just the first development phase and there is no word on when — or if — the finished product will come to market. The Russian company estimates it would take about two years …

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2017 Ural Australia

Ural Australia offers free outfit rides 

Ural Australia is offering free demo rides on their range of outfits, but the only catch is you have to ride to Uralla in central NSW. That’s not such an impost as it could mean a great ride up the Oxley Highway. The inaugural Ural Australia Open House and Demo Event will be held on …

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Ural Rangers star in Olympics opening

Twenty Ural Rangers have stolen the limelight at the Olympics Opening Ceremony in Sochi, Russia. Ural Sidecar Motorcycles boss Ilya Khait said he was very proud: “When you see your bikes in the event like this, you realise you’re a part of the history and the heritage of a huge country and it gives you …

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2014 Ural EFI Ranger preview

Australia is one of the top five markets in the world for Ural motorcyles and sidecars. It makes sense since the tough outfits suit our tough environment. Although small in numbers, Ural says 2013 was a great year with 1206 bikes sold worldwide, more than half in the US, followed by Germany, France, Canada and …

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Ural Ranger gets EFI

Just a coupe of weeks after the new Ural Ranger outfit is released, they will be on show in Australia. The new Ural is set to be unveiled on November 1 with a new electronic fuel injection system developed and built in Michigan. It is claimed to improve fuel economy, lower emissions and provide a …

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Ural joins Black Dog Ride

For those who have been following my stories about depression sufferer John Skinner and his dog, Scrambles, here’s the latest. He’s sold his Triumph Scrambler and bought a Ural outfit which gives his dog a lot more room to roam! John says: “She was a bit worried that she couldn’t quite reach the handlebars, let …

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