Wuachope Motorcycle Friendly Town

Wauchope welcomes Ulysses AGM

The decision last year to hold the 2017 Ulysses Club AGM in Wauchope on the famed Oxley Highway was the reason the town became Motorcycle Friendly in November 2016. Now the little town of Wauchope is readying for the arrival of hundreds of riders from around the country for the AGM Event week from May …

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Finding the good roads on the Fraser Coast

When you think of going for a road trip, Maryborough in South East Queensland isn’t your first choice. It’s not even your second or third choice. In fact, there are no suggested bike routes in the whole Fraser Coast region listed in that venerable tome from Hema, “Australia Motorcycle Atlas”. So it came as somewhat …

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ulysses club

Is Ulysses Club still relevant?

Ulysses Club members are being harassed by Queensland Police for wearing “old man” patches that some police mistake for outlaw colours. The Ulysses Club was one of several “recreational rider” groups invited to a meeting last month with Police Commissioner Ian Stewart and Police Minister Jack Dempsey. They have all been invited back for another …

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Anti-bikie Act to target Broncos?

Can anyone explain how the Queensland Government arrived at 26 for the number of outlaw motorcycle clubs under their Orwellian “Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Act”? Prior to the VLAD Act, police intelligence (oxymoron?) over many years of investigation had identified only 14 motorcycle clubs as being “outlaws”, presumably including the clandestine-titled Outlaws MC. Clever eh? …

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Call to fight anti-bikie laws

Should all people of Mid-East appearance be stopped on the street by police and searched in case they are terrorists? Should all teenagers wearing a hoodie be searched for cans of spray paint in case they are graffiti tagger? Should all mothers with shopping bags be stopped and searched in case they are shoplifting? Should …

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Honda adds auto CTX700

Honda has added another automatic model to its fleet in the new CTX700 range. While most cars are sold with automatic gearboxes and some models don’t even offer a manual version, cars are transport, while motorcycles are so much more. Are riders really ready for auto motorcycles? Auto is a good idea on a scooter …

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