Yamaha turbo blown

Yamaha’s future might be blown!

Yamaha might be going down the blown track like Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Ducati with a patent filing for a turbocharged parallel twin. It follows Kawasaki’s H2 supercharged bike and patent filings by Suzuki and Honda for turbocharged engines, while Ducati applied for a patent for an exhaust system turbine. So it seems the future …

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Hesketh introducing a Valiant Supercharger supercharged

Hesketh supercharges its line-up

Forced induction is the next big thing with several major manufacturers looking down that road and boutique manufacturer Hesketh introducing a Valiant Supercharger. In Australia, the name is rather funny as we used to have a Valiant Charger in the 1970s which was an iconic muscle car. The Valiant Supercharger is a supercharged version of …

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Suzuki sportsbikes go turbo

Could turbo-charging be the future for Suzuki sportsbikes? As the Japanese manufacturer releases photos and details of its 2014 GSXR-1000, it has also previewed a couple of concept bikes which will be featured at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month. One is the spunky looking Recursion with a turbo-charged 588cc parallel twin that pumps …

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