Online shopping increases truck traffic

The rapid growth in online shopping has caused a rise in trucks, vans and transport vehicles on our roads that are not just delivering to shopping centres but sometimes right to our suburban front door. This presents a major increase in congestion, but also an increase in risk for riders who easily disappear in truck …

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Truck 2 Fatality Free Friday truckers trucks

Danger in lane filtering around trucks

Lane filtering around trucks can be dangerous simply because riders can be invisible to the truck driver, even if you are right in front! This video quite clearly shows the danger of stopping right in front of a truck. The Goldwing World Facebook page also published the above photograph claiming all the bikes in the …

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Lower truck speed limit trialled on the Monash Freeway

Is truck speed limit trial doomed?

The trial of a 90km/h speed limit for trucks on a section of the Melbourne Monash Freeway starting today (August 25, 2016) could be doomed to failure. This official animation video shows no benefit in traffic flow and even shows cars and motorcycles undertaking and making dangerous manoeuvres around trucks spread across the four-lane freeway.   …

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Unsecured load

Rider crashes into unsecured load

This video of an American rider crashing into a load that had fallen off the back of a boat trailer being pulled by an SUV is a lesson in never following vehicles with dodgy looking loads. Rider Brendan Jankowski, 20, doesn’t seem to be following very closely, but it is close enough for him not …

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