Ryker roadster is a ‘hit’ among women

The entry level three-wheeled Can-Am Ryker is proving a “hit” with women, says Can-Am On-Road PR Brian Manning. While women riders are about 10-12% of the riding population, 30$% of Ryker owners are women. In Australia it is slightly down at 25%, but that is still more than double the percentage of female motorcycle ownership. …

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Web Spyder

Family creates web of Spyders

The three-wheeled roadster is a rare sighting on the road, but when this extended family goes for a ride, there is a whole web of them. Jason Woodward, of Penrith, says he started the Spyder family phenomenon with a test ride one rainy day after being inspired by his father Kevin and father-in-law Terry Mansfield …

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AKO leaning electric itrike

AKO patents leaning electric trike

Lithuanian start-up AKO has applied for a patent for an electric-powered vehicle somewhere between a motorcycle, trike and a car with the ability to lean in corners. Of course, there are already leaning three-wheelers such as the Piaggio MP3 scooter and Yamaha Niken. Yamaha is particularly keen on a leaning trike future and has applied …

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Boom Trike

Boom Trike fits new powerplants

Boom Trike is getting two new powerplants so former Ulysses Club magazine editor and long-time trike tester Ian Parks checked out the new models and submitted this review. Boom Trike review Down through the years some of the most fun I’ve had behind bars has been on Johann Kastner’s Oz Trikes machines including the German-built, …

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Honda NEOWING conceptHonda NEOWING concept granted

Honda granted leaning trike patent

Honda has been granted a patent for a leaning trike possibly powered by the Goldwing six-cylinder engine, a V-twin or electric motor. The Japanese company filed for the patent with the European Patent Office in August 2016 after the Neowing leaning three-wheel concept (pictured above) was unveiled at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. The filing has just been …

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URAL electric sidecar prototype

Ural Motorcycles unveils first electric sidecar

The iconic boxer heads sticking out the side are missing on the first electric sidecar prototype from Ural Motorcycles. Ural Electric Prototype is just the first development phase and there is no word on when — or if — the finished product will come to market. The Russian company estimates it would take about two years …

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Ural AIR with drone

Ural AIR outfit adds drone

Ural Australia will import the Russian Ural AIR outfit which includes a DJI Spark drone and a special discrete and waterproof compartment with a launching platform! Only 40 of the models will be released worldwide costing $27,990 (+ on road costs), says Ural Australia spokeswoman Clare Mailler. “We’ve certainly been getting quite a few enquiries …

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Can-Am Ryker

Can-Am confirms Australian Ryker prices

Can-Am Australia has confirmed that the new Ryker three-wheeler roadster will arrive early next year at substantially less than the current cheapest Spyder. The Ryker comes in three versions: a LAMS 600cc version for $A14,899 (standard colour); a 900cc version at $A17,299 (standard colour); and a 900cc off-road Rally Edition at $A18,999 (ride away prices). …

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