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Will coronavirus affect your ride tour?

If you’ve booked an overseas motorcycle tour this year and are thinking of cancelling due to the threat of coronavirus, will your deposit or full tour fee be refunded? A lot of adventure motorcycle travel is in countries that may not have high levels of hygiene and quarantine procedures to cope with a pandemic. So we …

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Bali motorcycle crash is a lesson for all

A British rider who crashed while riding without a helmet in Bali now faces medical bills estimated to be almost $A100,000. It’s a good lesson in not doing as the locals do — not wearing a helmet when riding — and in getting relevant travel insurance. Reuben Armstrong, 27, was riding a motorcycle in Denpasar …

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Thai bike crash cost $10,000 in surgery

Motorcycle videographer Jacob Laukaitis was hit by a drunk driver in Thailand and required $10,000 in plastic surgery which his insurance company did not want to pay. Jacob, of Lithuania, recorded himself every day and published the following video mini-documentary about his situation. Jacob thought he was properly insured by Nordic company Gjensidige for riding motorcycles …

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Guatemala Ferris Wheels travel insurance budget

Warning on motorcycle travel insurance

Just because you have travel insurance does not necessarily mean you will be covered for riding a motorcycle when travelling overseas as some riders have found out too late. Veteran tour operators Mike Ferris and Peter Colwell have advised riders to carefully check the fine print and exclusions on their travel insurance before heading overseas …

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