Motorcycle and scooter riders urged to make a submission to the Brisbane City Council draft transport plan - parking BCC bicycles

Rider survey on park-ride stations

Rural Victorian riders who would like park-and-ride stations to commute to work by train or bus have been urged to take part in a phone survey. Transport Victoria new product development manager Adrian Webb says the survey will help them plan suitable infrastructure. “There’s no point building infrastructure unless we have a really clear idea …

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Melting tar claims first crash victim Mt Glorious costly repair bitumen

More melting tar problems identified

Melting tar which caused a least one motorcycle accident on famed Mt Glorious behind Brisbane has been identified in several new areas and is now being treated thanks to lobbying by a group of local riders. After several months of pressure on State MPs and the Department of Transport and Main Roads, Motorcycle Advocacy Group spokesman David …

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How to ride safely in heavy traffic lane filtering happiest commuters commuting plan

City transport draft plan ignores motorcycles

Motorcycles are not mentioned once in the 128-page Brisbane City Council draft transport plan, yet bicycles are mentioned 25 times. It is indicative of continued government ignorance of the advantages of motorcycles to traffic flow, air pollution levels, parking accessibility and less strain on existing infrastructure. However, not all councils are as ignorant as Brisbane. …

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NSW Future transport report

Transport future without motorcycles?

While the future of transport would seem to be smaller vehicles and more two-wheelers, one state doesn’t agree and has left motorcycles out of its plans. The NSW Future Transport Technology Roadmap for the next 20 years doesn’t mention motorcycles once in its 98 pages. That’s not uncommon among planning authorities. We’ve criticised Austroads before over …

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Lower truck speed limit trialled on the Monash Freeway

Is truck speed limit trial doomed?

The trial of a 90km/h speed limit for trucks on a section of the Melbourne Monash Freeway starting today (August 25, 2016) could be doomed to failure. This official animation video shows no benefit in traffic flow and even shows cars and motorcycles undertaking and making dangerous manoeuvres around trucks spread across the four-lane freeway.   …

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Lane filtering forum act extends bosch borders

Why we should lane filter more often

The more that riders lane filter, the more motorists will learn that it is legal, not an obstruction to traffic and helps relieve traffic congestion. More motorists might also come to see motorcycles as a valid and useful mode of transport. Just because we have lane-filtering laws in three states and the ACT (under trial …

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Unsecured load

Rider crashes into unsecured load

This video of an American rider crashing into a load that had fallen off the back of a boat trailer being pulled by an SUV is a lesson in never following vehicles with dodgy looking loads. Rider Brendan Jankowski, 20, doesn’t seem to be following very closely, but it is close enough for him not …

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Queensland Transport and Main Roads instrumented motorcycle

Motorcycle monitors road surfaces

Don’t panic if you see this motorcycle in your rearview mirror; it’s not a cop but a special vehicle used to monitor road surfaces. It’s the Queensland Transport and Main Roads instrumented motorcycle that rides around popular motorcycle roads gathering date from danger spots. The data is used to develop safety measures, improve road design …

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Husqvarna 650

Kevin Bartlett fights ‘stupid’ motorcycle rules

Aussie racing car legend Kevin Bartlett has taken up the fight against “stupid” motorcycle laws that prevent riders from stretching their legs or standing up on the footpegs. Even Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart has admitted to stretching his legs when riding. “It’s bullshit and ill-conceived,” says KB who is not one to mince words. …

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