Vienna plans motorcycle CBD ban

Vienna plans to ban motorcycles from the CBD in a disconcerting move that is spreading around the world to curb traffic congestion. This is despite Vienna being ranked the eighth best city in the world for commuting, according to German automotive website, Kfzteile24. The study looked at traffic jams, parking, road rage crashes and fuel costs. …

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Ride Sunday trebles charity funds drivers global

Worldwide Ride to Work Day

The 29th worldwide, annual Ride To Work Day on Monday (15 June 2020) will be a great demonstration to the world of what post-lockdown commuting could look like. Unfortunately, in Australia, it’s winter and we don’t join in the worldwide event, so we lose that global impact. Instead, we will have our fourth Ride to Work …

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Call for Ebikes to be registered

Ebikes or pedal-assisted electric bicycles are growing out of control in many countries, creating danger for other road users, robbing motorcyclists of parking and giving all riders a bad name. There are now calls in Australia and around the world for regulation or registration for these vehicles. In China it is so bad, more than …

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Fuel service station helmet user pays fuel levy

Call to replace rego with user-pays fuel levy

A riders group is seeking to scrap vehicle registration in favour of more expensive fuel through an extra state fuel levy, plus a user-pays tracking system for electric vehicles. The Queensland-based Motorcycle Advocacy Group Facebook group which claims membership of more than 1100 riders, mainly in South-East Queensland, has sent its proposal to the national cabinet. …

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Cyclists in bike lanes ride to work day lane filtering bus lanes reward

Should motorcycles be allowed in bicycle lanes?

Should motorcycles and scooters be allowed in bicycle lanes for short intervals at a limited speed to free up inner-city commuter traffic? It’s not such an unusual proposal. Motorcycles and scooters have their own lanes in several countries including New Zealand. Even VicRoads considered it for inclusion in the lane filtering rules after it was recommended …

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lane filter filtering splitting traffic commute commuting congestion Brisbane

Inactive riders urged to ride again!

Inactive motorcyclists who haven’t ridden for some time are being urged to ride again, especially for commuting, as the pandemic travel restrictions begin to ease across the country. This comes as the national cycling lobby is calling for $300 million to be spent on bike lanes. Inactive riders Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries motorcycle manager Rhys …

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Cops police speed speeding extended

Pandemic leads to speed epidemic

Traffic offences are understandably down as there are fewer vehicles on the road, but the lockdown is also creating lonely roads where motorists are hitting some ridiculous speeds. We have seen several reports of high-speed police pursuits around there world, but the highest speed was clocked by a Nebraska motorcyclist at 170mph (273km/h). The rider …

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Oxley highway work

Oxley Highway to reopen for one lane

The Oxley Highway will reopen to one lane of traffic by this weekend under strict speed management with the support of escort vehicles. A 10km section between Ralfes Trail and the Gingers Creek store will be open to one lane of traffic with alternate flow under the control of escort vehicles from Transport for NSW. …

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Commuting traffic lane filtering speed wet NSW sydney police commuting

World’s best and worst commuting traffic

Aussie commuting traffic is fastest and safest in Perth and the worst in Sydney, according to a new statistical analysis of 100 major cities in the world. The 2019 Driving Cities Index, commissioned by European car parts retailer Mister Auto, considers commuting traffic speeds, road condition, congestion, road rage, fatality rates, air pollution and costs such as …

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lane filter filtering splitting traffic commute commuting congestion Brisbane

Narrow lanes ‘would promote riding’

Rather than making roads wider, new research shows that adding more narrower lanes to existing roads would not only aid traffic flow but also promote more motorcycles and scooters. University of Melbourne professor Chair of Statistics and motorbike rider Prof Richard Huggins says the plan has some merit. The Grattan Institute suggests narrow lanes would …

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