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100 best and worst cities for commuting

Commuting is easier and safer in Perth than any other Australian city, while Sydney is the worst, according to a German traffic study. While lane filtering now allows riders to dodge the worst of the daily commute, riders still face commuting costs of fuel and parking, traffic crashes and road rage. German automotive website, Kfzteile24, …

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Open letter to car drivers from riders

To all car drivers, Very soon and filtering will be legal in all states of Australia, allowing riders to slip through stationary and slow-moving traffic. But don’t hate motorcycle riders or be jealous of us. Be thankful that we are there as we are making the roads better for you! Jealousy Some of you drivers seem to …

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Look for bikes signs - Oxley Highway may set safety standard

Motorcycle road signs we’d like to see

“Signs, signs, everywhere are signs, blocking up the scenery, breaking my mind, do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the signs,” sang Five Man Electric Band in 1971. More than 45 years later, there are still signs blocking the scenery and breaking our minds. Let’s just hope they don’t break our bikes, too! I went for …

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Bike lanes lane filtering ride to work tax congestion

Bikes omitted from congestion study – again!

Motorcycles, scooters and lane filtering hardly rate a mention in the latest Austroads publication that investigates causes and remedies of traffic congestion. When will the authorities ever learn? Motorcycles and scooters are one of the solutions to traffic congestion and should be included in any study of causes and remedies. In the past two years, lane …

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Lower truck speed limit trialled on the Monash Freeway

Is truck speed limit trial doomed?

The trial of a 90km/h speed limit for trucks on a section of the Melbourne Monash Freeway starting today (August 25, 2016) could be doomed to failure. This official animation video shows no benefit in traffic flow and even shows cars and motorcycles undertaking and making dangerous manoeuvres around trucks spread across the four-lane freeway.   …

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Rules of etiquette for roadworks sites

With so many roadworks sites around the country, we need to establish some rules of etiquette for their use, apart from just speed. ETIQUETTE RULE #1 First rule of roadworks etiquette should be that all bikes be allowed to shuffle to the front of the queue. I’ve done this on many occasions at the ubiquitous remote red …

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Parking motorcycles Sturgis rally act threat

How many bikes in a car parking bay?

Most local authorities only allow one motorcycle to park in a car parking bay, ticketing all bikes when there is more than one. However, from July 1 Canberra will trial a system to allow three motorcycles or scooters to occupy a single car parking space in an effort to encourage more riders to help resolve …

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Three ‘rules’ for roadworks sites

With all the roadworks going on and no sign of them disappearing soon, we need to establish some roadworks etiquette, starting with these three “rules”. RULE 1 First rule of roadworks etiquette should be that all bikes should be allowed to shuffle to the front of the queue. This will allow the traffic to get …

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Austroads crash report on rear-enders first aid licence checks

Austroads again ignores motorcyclists

The leading transport and traffic authority in Australia, Austroads, has again neglected motorcyclists in its latest report on rear-ender crashes. In the 129-page report titled Investigation of Key Crash Types: Rear-end Crashes in Urban and Rural Environments, there is not one mention of the word “motorcycle”. Zip, zero, nada, nought! This is despite the fact …

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