Oxley highway work

Oxley Highway to reopen for one lane

The Oxley Highway will reopen to one lane of traffic by this weekend under strict speed management with the support of escort vehicles. A 10km section between Ralfes Trail and the Gingers Creek store will be open to one lane of traffic with alternate flow under the control of escort vehicles from Transport for NSW. …

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Commuting traffic lane filtering speed wet NSW sydney police commuting

World’s best and worst commuting traffic

Aussie commuting traffic is fastest and safest in Perth and the worst in Sydney, according to a new statistical analysis of 100 major cities in the world. The 2019 Driving Cities Index, commissioned by European car parts retailer Mister Auto, considers commuting traffic speeds, road condition, congestion, road rage, fatality rates, air pollution and costs such as …

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lane filter filtering splitting traffic commute commuting congestion Brisbane

Narrow lanes ‘would promote riding’

Rather than making roads wider, new research shows that adding more narrower lanes to existing roads would not only aid traffic flow but also promote more motorcycles and scooters. University of Melbourne professor Chair of Statistics and motorbike rider Prof Richard Huggins says the plan has some merit. The Grattan Institute suggests narrow lanes would …

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Melbourne roads lane filtering more often congestion promote

Congestion tax call to include motorcycles

Melbourne has renewed calls for a CBD congestion tax, but now the plan is to include motorcycles and scooters. Last week’s Melbourne future transport strategy suggested a system that would use number plate recognition for all vehicles. No fee amounts have yet been suggested, but report author Marion Terrill says Melbourne should follow cities such as …

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Crashed rider calls for lane filter training

Crashed rider calls for lane filter training

A rider who was rear-ended believes he would have been able to avoid it if he had been taught to lane filter and has called for the skill to be included in learner and advanced rider-training courses. Shannon, 37, of Caboolture, Queensland, says he was rear-ended because he lacked the training and therefore confidence to lane filter. …

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Bus Lane Trial

Victorian bus lane trial goes on and on …

While riders have been safely using bus lanes in NSW, the ACT and several major cities around the world for several years, Victoria is still in a protracted trial phase and other states lag even further behind. In February, the Victorian Government announced that riders could use more bus lanes in Melbourne for the next …

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GReen LIght Trigger traffic lights detect

Mythbusting: Green Light Trigger

We recently received a Green Light Trigger unit which is basically two powerful magnets that attach to the underside of your motorcycle and promise to trigger a green light. Read on and find out if the Green Light Trigger actually works! Why lights won’t change Most riders have experienced the frustration of a traffic light …

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Melbourne Council draft transport motorcycle parking conspiracy theory transport spokesman Cr Frances Gilley

Footpath parking ban a ‘conspiracy theory’

Claims that the Melbourne Council Draft Transport Plan will reduce motorcycle parking in the city is a conspiracy theory, says transport spokesman Cr Frances Gilley (above). However, he does admit they will restrict some footpath parking in the short term with a long-term option of removing all motorcycles from CBD footpaths. In the meantime, he …

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Cyclists in bike lanes ride to work day lane filtering bus lanes reward

Reward for two-wheeled commuting?

If cyclists have their way, the Federal Government should pay them a $5 daily reward for commuting to work and taking the strain off roads and public transport. The ridiculous suggestion comes in the lead-up to the Federal election from the Bicycle Network which claims to be Australia’s biggest bike riding organisation with more than …

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Sydney traffic congestion motorcycles lane filtering planning forgotten

Cost-neutral congestion tax propoal

Riders should be able to choose to pay a 5c-per-kilometre congestion tax in return for lower rego under a proposal by a leading transport economist. Sydney University transport economist Professor David Hensher says the congestion tax could cut peak hour traffic up to 10% or to “school holiday” levels.  His plan would be cost-neutral for …

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