Even Queensland Police sometimes need to flout the rules

Fight escalates against stupid motorcycle rules

Changes to road rules banning riders from stretching their legs or standing up now appear to have the support of the top Queensland traffic cop. The move is hoped to spark action across the nation for changes to national road Rule 271. READ ABOUT THE STUPID RULE HERE “We believe there is scope for that …

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Husqvarna 650

Kevin Bartlett fights ‘stupid’ motorcycle rules

Aussie racing car legend Kevin Bartlett has taken up the fight against “stupid” motorcycle laws that prevent riders from stretching their legs or standing up on the footpegs. Even Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart has admitted to stretching his legs when riding. “It’s bullshit and ill-conceived,” says KB who is not one to mince words. …

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lane filtering rule change

Ad supports lane filtering

The mercury was bubbling at the old century mark and we were riding big faired Touring Harleys in stop-go traffic on the “freeways” around Chicago. We were almost expiring from the heat as we waited in the long, stationary queues of traffic, so I asked our American guide if it was legal to filter or …

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