ker lane filtering edge edge filtering

Leniency on motorcycle edge filtering rule

Queensland is the only state that allows edge filtering on some roads and now riders have been granted further leniency when the speed limit is temporarily changed. Lane filtering was introduced in 2015 under the former Liberal State Government, thanks to lobbying by the Motorcycle Riders Association of Queensland. The rules included the unique allowance …

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Call to double driver phone penalties roundabouts

Suspend driver’s licence for mobile phone abuse

Drivers who illegally use a mobile phone while driving should have their licence suspended as they do in Canada, says the Motorcycle Council of NSW. Chairman Steve Pearce says the use of mobile phones and the addition of other in-car distractions needs “urgent action” by the NSW Government. On September 17, NSW increased the penalty …

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LIDAR radar speed gun

Call to challenge LIDAR speeding fines

Three defendants charged with speeding detected by police on LIDAR guns have had their fines overturned, prompting a call for riders to challenge any speeding fines they believe are incorrect. South Australian Ride to Review spokesman Tim Kelly says the SA Supreme Court judgements indicate that the handheld guns can be misused by police. He …

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Leave a gap lane filtering rules signs tasmania lowest rules vary

How do motorcycle lane filtering rules vary?

Lane filtering rules still vary substantially from state to state and have not yet been passed in Western Australia or the Northern Territory, after they were introduced in NSW in July 2014. The practice is allowed and even encouraged in many countries. In the USA, California allows lane splitting at no more than 10mph faster …

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Straight-lining corners

Can motorcycle riders straight-line a corner?

Many riders straight-line a series of corners by crossing broken white lines, but Victorian Police warn it’s illegal and recently fined seven sports car drivers for doing just that. VicPol recently recorded this video of a group of exotic sports cars straight-lining corners by crossing broken white lines on the Omeo Highway in north-east Victoria. …

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Incorrect fine Tim Byrne

Police drop fine for standing on pegs

South Australian police have dropped a rider’s fine for standing on the footpegs after another review of the case.  Adelaide rider Tim Byrne (pictured above with the infringement notice) says he was fined for standing up while riding through some roadworks in January 2018 despite the practice being legalised in South Australia in 2016 and …

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Mt Mee police blitz after residents complain

Speeding riders detour to avoid police

Speeding riders allegedly conducting time trials on Mt Mee Rd have been seen taking a detour along Robinson Rd and riding at high speeds through the residential area to avoid police. A female resident near Robinson Rd says “the boys in blue” have been active over the weekend with a silver unmarked Falcon catching several …

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Incorrect fine Tim Byrne

Police defend incorrect rider fine

Police have refused to withdraw an incorrect fine for a rider standing on the foot pegs, even though the “commonsense” practice was legalised in South Australia in 2016 and added to the Australian Road Rules this year. Click here to read about the new ARRs. Tim Byrne (pictured above) says he was riding his Triumph …

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double crash investigations justice conviction

No conviction on crashing into 2 riders

A woman who crashed into two motorcyclists in Melbourne 18 months ago has finally received a $1000 fine, one-month driving suspension and no conviction recorded. The investigating officer of Footscray Police says the penalty on the charge of failing to give way to all traffic at a give way sign was “pretty shit”. The crash …

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speed demons monash contradiction

Are motorcyclists really speed demons?

Motorcyclists are frequently the target of police and media hype about speeding, yet the figures show we are not necessarily the speed demons were are made out to be. Car drivers represent about 97% of all speeding offence notices, according to an average of figures obtained from the three eastern states. By comparison, motorcyclists represent …

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