Confrontation leads to motorcycle crash

A motorcycle rider has ended up rear-ending a vehicle that brake-checked him after they had a confrontation recently on Melbourne’s Western Ring Road. This video posted on Dashcam Owners Australia shows that the rider has taken offence to something done by the P-plate driver of the BMW. Perhaps they were tailgating him – one of our pet …

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Rider arrested on 55 traffic offences

RUNIT rider nabbed on 55 offences

A 22-year-old man wanted for 55 traffic offences including several for speeds of more than 150km/h in Brisbane’s northern suburbs has finally been nabbed. Watch the Queensland Police video below of several occasions where the rider is spotted by police who give up the chase for public safety reasons when he speeds off. He is …

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NSW motorcycle police demerits

Bike cop pings driver 34 demerits

A NSW Police Motorcycle Response Group rider has caught a female driver using a mobile phone while negotiating a roundabout, contributing to her incurring $1793 in fines and 34 demerits. Motorcycles are considered an important asset to police, manoeuvring in traffic congestion, public event management, dignitary escorts, ceremonial duties, and speed and traffic offence patrols. …

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Double demerit points

How double demerit points can affect you

Double demerit points apply from Friday (20 December 2019) in NSW, the ACT and Western Australia, affecting licensed riders not only in those states, but also Queensland. The penalty period lasts until January 1 (inclusive) in NSW and ACT and January 5 in WA where one rider copped a hefty 14 demerit points and $1200 fine …

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Novelty helmet doubt covers

Are novelty motorcycle helmet covers legal?

Many riders like to get into the holiday spirit by wearing Santa, elf, Elmo or reindeer novelty helmet covers. However, they could be a safety hazard, they may void your insurance and some police say they may be illegal. Safety aspects of novelty covers While novelty helmet covers may be fun and potentially protect your …

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Police video exposes stupid motorists

In the run-up to the usual Christmas crackdown on motorists, Queensland Police have released this video compilation of the stupid things some motorists do. We’ve edited down the bodycam vision a bit as it gets boring. However, it includes a rider doing 160km/h in a 60km/h zones, stupid drivers holding mobile phones, not wearing seatbelts …

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speed alert sign

Electric corner signs alert riders

Signs that light up and display a safety alert and message if you are riding too fast for the corner are being trialled in the UK. British company TWM Traffic Control Systems have developed the LED signs that include a radar sensor. Be alert, not alarmed But don’t worry! The smart alert signs are not …

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Thanksgiving turkey

Thanksgiving turkey attacks motorcycle cop!

Maybe we should carry a turkey with us on our motorcycles this Thanksgiving to protect us from getting a speeding ticket from the police. It certainly worked for this driver who will be giving thanks to a turkey this Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving turkey The driver didn’t have the turkey in his car; it just showed up …

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U-turn rider slams police hypcrisy crash accident traffic offence white line

White line fine hypocritical, says rider

A rider who clipped an unbroken white line at the end of a painted traffic island on the Centenary Motorway, Brisbane, has had his fine upheld in court. Tristan Holland claims it is hypocritical for Queensland Police to fine him while not fining the driver whose car he it when it performed an illegal u-turn across double white …

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