Red-light traffic light

Call for traffic light activation buttons

Riders whose bikes won’t trigger a change in a traffic light to green would welcome more of these activation buttons that have been installed at some intersections for cyclists. It seems cyclists get everything they want from governments. Even their own roads! In this case, their strong lobbying for these buttons may also help motorcyclists. …

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demo ride warranties

Cheap solutions to traffic, parking problems

Governments seem to find the most expensive solutions to traffic and parking problems, instead of thinking outside the square. We don’t necessarily need more expensive electronic signs, traffic lights, wider roads or more lanes. Sometimes, the answer can be quite cheap. Currently lane-filtering is on the agenda in several states of Australia. It is a …

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red lights

Should riders run red lights?

More than a dozen states in the US have introduced laws allowing motorcycle riders to proceed through red lights. And it’s about time we had it in Australia. The laws differ with some USA states requiring riders just to stop first, others requiring them to wait a certain amount of time and others requiring them …

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