Motorcycle parking under siege park

Motorcycle parking bays under siege

Motorcycle parking is under siege from motorists who think they can use our parking bays and even put shopping trolleys in them. It’s rude, it’s lazy and it’s illegal. We have seen this happen on many occasions and social media is heaving with photographs of cars and other vehicles parked in motorcycle parking bays. In …

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Police Harassment in charity ride Hells Angels assault charge exonerated

‘Assaulted’ veteran rider faces new charge

An army veteran rider who claims he was assaulted by police at a March 2018 charity ride now faces a charge of not obeying the direction of police. The incident was caught on this video which shows Michael “Magic” Parr being confronted by Senior Constable Murphy of the NSW Police Strike Force Raptor. It occurred …

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Police seek riders in stunt groups peer

Police seek riders in stunt groups

Riders could face prosecution for riding in groups where riders block public roads to allow others to perform a wheelie, burnout or other stunt. This follows several incidents in the USA and the most recent police chopper video from Toronto where police have threatened to fine any rider who was involved in the groups, whether …

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Police - Traffic offences

10 police tips for avoiding traffic offences

There is no guaranteed method for avoiding traffic offences except not committing them. However, you can use the following “expert” guide to lessen the impact, cop a lesser fine, prevent copping extra fines (such as being pulled over for speeding and ending up with vehicle defect notices as well) or, occasionally, get out of traffic …

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Kerry Crossingham traffic fine

Call to fight bogus traffic fines

(UPDATE: Case 2 below has been dropped. The police have decided not to go ahead. That’s great news and is a lesson to us all to fight bogus traffic fines.) Here’s a tip about traffic fines: Not every police officer knows every law in the burgeoning traffic rule book. That means they are fallible. And …

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