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Bikes omitted from congestion study – again!

Motorcycles, scooters and lane filtering hardly rate a mention in the latest Austroads publication that investigates causes and remedies of traffic congestion. When will the authorities ever learn? Motorcycles and scooters are one of the solutions to traffic congestion and should be included in any study of causes and remedies. In the past two years, lane …

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Lane filtering forum act extends bosch borders

Why we should lane filter more often

The more that riders lane filter, the more motorists will learn that it is legal, not an obstruction to traffic and helps relieve traffic congestion. More motorists might also come to see motorcycles as a valid and useful mode of transport. Just because we have lane-filtering laws in three states and the ACT (under trial …

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Motorcycle tolls for Melbourne

The party is over for riders in Melbourne with CityLink whacking tolls for motorcycles and scooters on all their roads from January 1. The move after 14 years of free tolls seems a retrograde step for traffic congestion, parking and emissions. However, it’s not all bad news with motorcycles and scooters paying half the price …

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Traffic jams worsen

Is it any wonder more and more bikes are hitting the daily commute with Australian cities among the most congested in the world? Sydney rated equal sixth with LA, Stuttgart, Paris and Rome with a congestion rating of 33% behind Moscow (66%), Istanbul (56%), Warsaw (42%), Marseille (40%) and Palermo (39%). Satnav company TomTom measured …

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Lane-splitting supported

It’s about time we had a mature debate in Australia about lane-splitting and filtering. It’s legal in places like California and encouraged in England to free up traffic. Why are Australian authorities so much against it? Are they just jealous that motorcyclists don’t have to be caught in traffic jams? And why are we only …

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