Traction control

Harley-Davidson adds traction control

Harley-Davidson is introducing traction control and other electronic rider aids such as hill-start assist and tyre pressure monitors to its 2020 Touring and CVO models. Last year Harley added traction control to its Trikes and we speculated back in September 2018 that it would soon be arriving in more models. Now it is also being …

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2016 Victory Octane key

Is traction control a key to safety?

The push for mandatory traction control in motorcycles seems to be starting already with a VicRoads safety campaign emphasising it is a key to rider safety. The campaign features an erroneous online quiz which suggests that traction control will “prevent you from falling off”. VicRoads is not alone in suggesting traction control and other electronic …

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2017 Vespa GTS 150 with stop-start technology

Vespa adds stop-start tech to save fuel

The new Vespa GTS scooter range includes stop-start technology to switch off the engine when stationary and automatically restart when the brake is released. Stop-start technology has been used in many cars for several years now and was introduced by Honda on the PCX 125 scooter in 2010. Yamaha has added it to their Janus 125 …

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ABS brakes autonomous

Go slow on ABS, ESC and autonomous vehicles

The Australian Motorcycle Council is calling on authorities to slow down the testing and introduction of autonomous vehicles and to abandon plans for mandatory ABS and traction control. AMC representative Guy Stanford says authorities seem to keen to progress toward autonomous vehicles without considering the impact on motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists who may not be …

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Traction control Harley-Davidson 2017 launch

Harley-Davidson to add traction control?

Could traction control be coming to the 2017 Harley-Davidson fleet? The clue comes in the invitation to the world’s media to attend the launch of the 2017 Harley-Davidson motorcycle range in Seattle suggesting traction control could be introduced. The words “more control” are accompanied by “more power” and “better handling” to indicate the updates to …

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How to ride safely in the wet

How to ride safely in the wet: part 2

Next time it’s raining and the roads are wet, don’t stay inside watching the TV,  get out and ride safely using our expert riding tips. It’s good practice. Rather than give you our tips for riding on wet roads, we assembled a panel of experts to get their tips on riding techniques, tyre choice, roadcraft, …

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