Queensland Motorcycle Breakdown Service tyre punctures puncture-proof tyres flirting shoulder

Warning on tyre punctures from filtering

Have you copped tyre punctures while filtering through traffic? You’re not alone, according to Queensland Motorcycle Breakdown Service. They have had a spike (‘scuse then pun) in tyre punctures since the lane filtering rule was introduced last year, including nine in one week and 24 last month. Director Peter Roussos says it comes mainly from …

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ScarabRV motorcycle camper trailer

Light motorcycle camper trailer

If you’re into towing a trailer behind your motorcycle, this blow-up tent trailer may be just right. American travellers Mike and Mary Setzer have developed the ScarabRV which weighs just 136kg (300lb) and has a 12-volt inflation system that pitches the tent, providing a queen-sized sleeping area for two. UPDATE: They launched an Indiegogo crowd-finding …

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Motorcycle-sized caravan

More and more riders are touring with a trailer. Now you can tow a whole caravan! Japanese company Stereotank has produced a lightweight caravan from two 3000-litre plastic water tanks joined by a ring of wood. They say it is so light it could be towed by a bicycle or on foot, so a motorcycle …

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