When Is The Best Time To Buy Motorcycle Tires?

Contributed post for our northern hemisphere readers Just like with lots of other things, people’s buying habits for motorcycle tires go in phases. Or cycles, if you don’t mind a terrible play on words. And, just like with lots of other things, a lot of it comes down to personal preferences and habits. There are …

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Motorcycle tyres trivia quiz fuel economy care grip

How to Purchase the Right Tires for Your Motorcycle

(Contributed post for our European readers) Purchasing tires for your motorbike on the web from can save you lots of money. However, it is important you to find the right tires as they are a vital part of your motorbike. There are numerous types and models of motorcycle tires available. It is up to …

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Customize motorcycle

Best Tips to Customize Your Motorcycle

(CONTRIBUTED POST FOR NORTH AMERICAN READERS) If you like to customize motorcycles, you should know how to do it properly. Modifications come in many different forms, but you may have to understand a few important basics before you can even start planning a major refinement. Whether it’s adding small details or doing a major makeover, …

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Buying Tires for a Motorcycle

(Sponsored post for our North American readers) The motorcycle is a fast and effective means of transport. It can take you anywhere when vehicles are stuck in traffic. Statistics show that in some countries people prefer bikes to cars. The reason is simple – they are convenient and cheaper. As motorcycles are two-wheeled vehicles, it …

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Queensland Motorcycle Breakdown Service tyre punctures puncture-proof tyres flirting shoulder

Puncture-proof motorcycle tyres coming?

Cyclists have had puncture-proof tyres for ages, but we are still to get puncture-proof motorcycle tyres in Australia. There are two varieties that we have heard of: American-made RhinoTire tyre sealant and Indian-made CEAT tyres. RhinoTire technology from the USA is a quick-sealing polymer RhinoPlex gel inside a tyre, which will instantly seal any puncture or incision …

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