Charley Boorman answers questions from readers writer

Charley Boorman bares all for our readers

Motorcycle adventurer Charley Boorman has bared all for Motorbike Writer readers, including his backside!  Charley had just returned from a Compass Expeditions tour of Tasmania when we caught up with him this week at The Bike Shed in London, where he is one of 31 founding members. He answered many of the questions posted in …

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Triumph Street Cup and Rega Turntables

Triumph turntables for true fans

For the Triumph Motorcycles fan who has everything comes these two-only special Rega turntables and 500 special vinyl record pressings. Both will be unveiled on Tuesday (August 29, 2017) at a special event at The Bike Shed in London. And the only way to get to the event and win one of the turntables and …

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Gladstone No. 1 at The Bike Shed

When Gladstone Motorcycles launched in 2013, it was the first brand-new bespoke British motorcycle manufacturer since Hesketh in 1984. Only nine Gladstone No.1 motorcycles have been built and we stumbled upon one recently in The Bike Shed, in Shoreditch, London. It’s a second-hand bike with just a handful of kilometres on the odometer and is priced at …

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