texting drivers make riders maddest sentence

Maximum life sentence for killer drivers

Should dangerous drivers who cause death while using their mobile phones or speeding face a life sentence as is now the case in the United Kingdom? The UK maximum sentence is the toughest in the world for at-fault drivers in distracted driving crashes. It is equivalent to the penalty for manslaughter. The previous maximum penalty …

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Texting driver crash won’t stop Mark Daniels sentence

Texting driver crash won’t stop Mark

Mark Daniels lost his leg in a crash with a driver who was texting at the time, but he now wants to get on with life, ride again and compete at the Paralympics. The inspirational 23-year-old is now a motivational speaker and an ambassador for Road Trauma Support in Western Australia where he is stationed …

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Texting while driving

Texting drivers make riders maddest

Texting drivers make riders the maddest, but other badly behaved motorcyclists are not far behind, according to our reader survey of what peeves you the most. More than 900 votes were cast in our short online survey that found texting drivers were the top-scoring motorcyclist peeve with 11.7% of the vote. It was closely followed by drivers not looking for …

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texting while driving sentenc

Texting while driving chief annoyance

Texting and talking on the mobile phone while behind the wheel has been named Queensland’s most frustrating driving behaviour by  motorists and especially irritates riders who are most vulnerable to inattentive drivers. In fact, the top four annoying driver behaviours all cause motorcycle riders aggravation. Second is tailgating, third is drivers who increase their speed when you try to …

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