Drag race Tesla Model 3 and Zero SR/F InsideEVs Italia

Electric drag race goes ho-hummmm

There is no doubt that electric vehicles are fast with 100% of torque available from go, but this drag race between a Tesla Model 3 Performance and Zero SR/F is all a bit ho-hummm. Pointless drag race Apart from the lack of earth-shattering noise usually associated with a drag race, it’s a pretty pointless exercise. …

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One of the biggest problems with the development of autonomous cars is the detection of small and vulnerable motorcyclists in traffic.

Riders help develop autonomous cars

One of the biggest problems with the development of autonomous cars is the detection of small and vulnerable motorcyclists in traffic. So the San Francisco chapter of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club recently volunteered the services of seven members to help develop Aurora Driver technology. They spent a day riding around with cars driven in manual mode …

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electric garage fire energica

Fire destroys electric race bikes

A fire that destroyed 18 Energica electric motorcycles for the upcoming MotoE series at five MotoGP events this year has inflamed concerns about electric vehicle fires. The cause of the Energica blaze seems to be a short circuit in one of their charging units. However, there are other causes for electric vehicle fires which have …

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zero tesla quietest police pursuit

Quietest police pursuit in history

A San Francisco police officer riding an electric Zero Motorcycle recently pulled over a driver in an electric Tesla Model 3 in what must have been the quietest police pursuit of all time. Zero posted an image of the historic moment on their Facebook page, but it may not be the last time this happens. …

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Tesla detects lane filtering riders automated

Tesla Autopilot detects lane filtering riders

Electric car company Tesla is further developing its Autopilot software that detects lane-filtering riders as shown in this driver’s YouTube video. One of the biggest issues about the rapid move toward autonomous vehicles is how they will detect small and vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians. In one incident in San Francisco …

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Lane filtering lane splitting America blame wins

Rider sues GM over self-driving car crash

Autonomous vehicles have been dealt a blow recently with a lane-splitting rider deciding to sue GM for a crash involving one of their self-driving cars. This comes as a Tesla Model S also recently crashed into a parked fire engine in Los Angeles while the car was on Tesla’s Autopilot driver assistance system. The National …

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STORM electric motorcycle featuring modular battery packs. - Electric vehicles break range barriers

Electric vehicles break range barriers

The biggest barriers for electric motorcycles are range and recharging times, but now a couple of achievements are set to break those barriers. A Dutch university team called STORM (pictured above) has completed an 80-day World Tour with its electric motorcycle and Spanish renewable energy company Acciona has finished this month’s Dakar Rally in an …

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Ducati Multistrada Link apps

Will apps drive future motorcycles?

Ducati has introduced apps for its Multistrada that will plot your ride, list your speed and even record lean angles, then share it on social media with your friends. Apart from the obvious concern about incriminating yourself, this type of app seems to be the future of motorcycling. Aprilia and MV Agusta have similar apps …

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Zero motorcycles electric motorcycles

Zero electric motorcycles on track

The full range of 2015 Zero Motorcycles electric bikes is heading for Australia. Zero Motorcycles Asia Pacific sales director Phillip Wilkinson says they will have four dealers in three states with bikes on the showroom floor by the end of May, 2015. The American electric motorcycle company has been without a dealer for a few …

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