Triumph Bonneville T100 with Gazi black shocks

Gazi shocks transform our Bonneville

My Triumph Bonneville T100 is a fun little bike but I don’t pretend it’s a great performer, especially two-up. The standard suspension is very standard! It’s too plush, bottoms out easily, has little damping, doesn’t cope well with high-frequency hits and skips under braking. Two-up it’s even worse, throwing in vague steering. I once owned …

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Gazi motorcycle susension

How to set up your motorcycle suspension

Setting up your motorcycle suspension is one of the most arcane and confounding disciplines, yet one of the most important. Whether a motorcycle has adjustable or non-adjustable suspension, it comes from the factory with the suspension set up for a single rider – even if it’s a dual-seat bike – weighing about 75-85kg. If you …

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Touratech suspension Extreme pain

Touratech suspension for adventure riders

German adventure accessories company Touratech has produced a range of high-end suspension that is tailored specifically for adventure riders. Touratech Australia spokesman Robin Box says he tested the suspension in Germany and was impressed with the increased level of traction, especially over corrugations. “Ohlins suspension is very good but they cover a very wide spectrum …

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New forks improve Harley tourers

Harley tourers became the best handling family a few years ago when the company introduced a stiffer frame. Now Swedish suspension company Ohlins has announced the FKC 101 cartridge-type aftermarket fork internals which should make them handle even better. If there was any complaint about the handling of Harley’s Touring bikes it was with the …

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