CARRS-Q QUT researcher dr Ross Blackman Motorbike online survey novice riders

Novice riders needed for motorcycle survey

Novice riders are being asked to fill out a short online survey that will help researchers determine the effectiveness of changes to Queensland motorcycle licensing. Click on this link to read all about the survey.  Or click here to go straight to the survey. Road safety research fellow and Triumph Street Triple rider Ross Blackman (pictured …

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CFMoto-650 Vicroads online Survey motorcycle safety levy Victoria Yarra Black Spur country

Online survey seeks rider input on safety

An online survey about motorcycle safety targets Victorian riders, but also allows input from interstate riders who travel the many great motorcycling roads in the state. VicRoads’ survey also asks state riders where they should spend the money collected from the $70 annual safety levy. The survey follows the revelation in August that $21.7m of …

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200 motorcycle parking spaces lost cyclists

Cyclists and motorcyclists should unite

There seems to be an animosity between cyclists and motorcyclists, yet a recent British study finds more than 90% of motorcycle riders are also cyclists. The online study of 2183 Carole Nash Motorbike insurance customers not only shows that 92% of motorcyclists also own a bicycle, but more than half (57%) own more than one …

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BMW Motorrad creating digital riders information apps friends distracted passion

Riders seek loyal, trusting friends

Riders want riding partners and friends who are trustworthy and loyal, according to an independent survey of 1018 British bikers in March 2017. It found trust was important for 70% and loyalty to 69%, but 75% of riders only get to see their close friends once every fortnight to a month. About half claim they have …

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ABS alcohol lock road safety safe

Is ABS as safe as officials believe?

Europe is mandating ABS on motorcycles and it is being considered in Australia but only now is a survey seeking to find out if ABS is safe in the real world. British road safety researcher Elaine Hardy is seeking riders around the globe who have been involved in a crash on a bike fitted with …

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Are you the face of motorcycling?

Are you the face of motorcycling? British motorcycle insurance broker Carole Nash is searching for 12 faces to star in its 2017 annual motorcycle calendar to raise money for Blood Bikes. The company has been inspired by their recent ‘Biker vs Non Biker’ survey that found motorcycle riders are more attractive, daring, adventurous and fun than drivers. …

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Riders more attractive than drivers, survey

We already suspect that motorcycle riders are more attractive daring, adventurous and fun than drivers, but now a British online survey has confirmed our beliefs. The survey of more than 1000 adults asked them to rate how attractive the opposite sex appears when dressed as motorcyclists, compared to plain driving attire. In five out of six …

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Dangerous weaving is our top peeve

Riders are mostly critical of other riders who weave in a dangerous fashion through the traffic, giving all riders a bad name, like the young guy in this 1965 British film. That’s the overwhelming result of our snap survey of readers about what peeves them the most about other riders. It was triggered by another reader survey we …

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Motorcyclists rejecting sports bikes, survey

Our obsession with sports bikes in the 1990s and 2000s seems to be waning worldwide with sales plummeting and a new survey showing even the sportsbike-mad Brits are going soft. The UK has always been one of the world’s biggest markets for high-performance superbikes, but a survey of 5000 UK riders by internet motorcycle apparel retailer …

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motorcycles ruff riders Adventure cruisers naked sports touring Safety

Cruiser riders concerned about safety

The most safety conscious group of motorcyclists and the most frequent riders are cruiser riders, according to the recent global MotorbikeWriter online survey. Our survey of 739 riders found the five main groups were cruisers (151), naked (130), adventure (125), sports (119) and touring (115). We asked our readers various questions about how often they …

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