Barz Optics photochromic, polarised, bifocal sunglasses

Barz Optics motorcycle sunglasses review

Barz Optics make a range of quality sunglasses that are windproof, comfortable enough to wear all day and night and feature an optional bifocal lens. That means you only need one pair of sunglasses for all occasions – on and off the bike! I’ve been testing a pair of photochromic glasses that change tint with …

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Barz Optics photochromic, polarised, bifocal sunglasses prizes

Barz Optics bifocal sunglasses for riders

Have you ever had to stop riding and swap your sunglasses for bifocal or prescription glasses to read a map or your instruments? Soon you may not have to stop and swap! A small family company based on the Gold Coast claims to have developed the world’s first photochromic bifocal sunglasses for motorcycle riders so …

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Flying Eyes glasses sunglasses

How to wear glasses with a motorcycle helmet

If you wear sunglasses or prescription glasses you will know of the niggling problems caused by wearing them with a motorcycle helmet. Some people wear contact lenses while riding, but be careful as they can dislodge in high winds and on bumpy roads. You could also get your eyes lasered. But neither of these will …

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MotoFly Wear motorcycle glasses

Motorcycle rider glasses promise no pain

Have you found your sunglasses or prescription glasses cause pain around your temples or the back of your ears from being jammed inside your helmet? Or do your glasses continually slip down your nose, or vibrate with the engine and wobble with the bumps in the road causing blurred vision simply because they don’t fit …

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Instant-tint sunglasses

Sunglasses bypass tinted visor furore

Riders worried about being fined for wearing a tinted motorcycle helmet visor may soon be able to get better technology in a prototype range of glasses that instantly tint at the touch of a button. The “e-Tint” technology was originally developed by American liquid crystal company AlphaMicron and is now being used by motorcycle helmet …

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Buhel SG05 SoundGlasses Bluetooth headet

Sunglasses to replace Bluetooth headset

Forget about fitting a Bluetooth headset to every helmet you own; you may soon be able to make and receive phone calls and listen to your favourite music with a special set of sunglasses. Italian company Atellani has secured enough funding through a Kickstarter program to begin making their Buhel SG05 SoundGlasses which use bone-conductor …

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Ugly Fish Rocket photochromic motorcycle sunglasses

Ugly Fish all-round riding glasses

I love my Ugly Fish Ultimate sunglasses, but now I have a new love in my life: the Ugly Fish Rocket photo chromatic sunglasses. They would make a great last-minute Christmas present for the rider who has everything. While the Ultimates come with a multi-lens pack that includes tinted, clear and yellow lenses which you can …

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