Roland Sands crashes Indian off stage

Famous LA motorcycle designer Roland Sands has accidentally ridden a new Indian custom bike off a Sturgis Rally stage, injuring several in the crowd. It happened on Sunday night at the Buffalo Chip stage when Roland was presenting his latest custom motorcycle, the FTR750 Scout Hooligan. As he rides on to the stage, the announcer …

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sturgis victory cross country tour

Road to Sturgis: Day 12 Huntin’

We went huntin’ today for moose, bear, mountain lion, buffalo and cowboy boots. And all we came back with was the latter. This is day 12 and the penultimate day of our ride to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally on a Victory Cross Country Tour. We stayed in Buffalo last night and again tonight so we could …

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Top Gear on motorcycles again

Motorbikes, scooters and the famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally feature on the American version of Top Gear. Now if you think the Australian version was bad, just imagine how painful the American version is. However, any reference to two-wheeled shenanigans by this popular TV show has got to be good for the motorcycling community. Look at how …

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