Police seek riders in stunt groups peer

Police seek riders in stunt groups

Riders could face prosecution for riding in groups where riders block public roads to allow others to perform a wheelie, burnout or other stunt. This follows several incidents in the USA and the most recent police chopper video from Toronto where police have threatened to fine any rider who was involved in the groups, whether …

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Karupt Customz Facebook photo

Police probe stunt-riding Facebook videos

Police are investigating two Gold Coast motorcycle businesses over amateur stunt videos posted on their Facebook sites, including one in which a rider wheelies through a school zone. Gold Coast Road Policing commander Snr Sgt Bradyn Murphy said the videos include riders doing burnouts, high-speed wheelies and other dangerous stunts on public roads. The Facebook …

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Motorcycle Stunt video

Is this the best motorcycle stunt video?

This video posted on Facebook has already had more than 11 million views and is possibly one of the best motorcycle stunt videos we’ve ever seen. It was filmed earlier this year by McCartha Gh in the city of Ho in Republic of Ghana, West Africa. The stunt video features a rider weaving through traffic …

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JB Stunts - Kawasaki Supported Ninja ZX-6R 636 freestyle stunt rider8

Kawasaki ZX-6R becomes stunt bike

Stunt rider Jamie Baker (JB) has revealed his highly modified Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 636 freestyle stunt machine aptly named “Carnage”. The conversion from a road-legal Ninja ZX-6R 636 to a fully equipped stunt bike took six weeks. “After the success of my last Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 636 build, The Deadpool, I decided to carry on …

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Yoga stunt rider world record relax

Yoga record on moving motorcycle

There are many types of yoga – hot, prenatal, restorative, power, etc – but we’ve never heard of moto yoga before! We don’t recommend it, but yoga on a moving motorcycle is not as rare as you would think. In fact, there are even Guinness Book of Records mentions for the most consecutive yoga positions on a …

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Stunt "god" Dave McKenna and model Antonina Rizzuto

Dave McKenna’s motorcycle stunt tips

Voted Australia’s top stunt rider by his peers, young Dave McKenna has some tips for anyone wanting to start in the world of motorcycle stunting. “The first thing is to get a dirt bike,” the 28-year-old says. “You can learn a lot on a WR250. It’s all the same – throttle, brake and body control.” …

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Police pursuit

Are high-speed police pursuits justified?

You have to wonder about the validity, danger, expense and ramifications of high-speed police pursuits such as this motorcycle chase in Los Angeles, California. Yes, the guy who is riding is an idiot, especially when he continues to perform stunts right in front of the cops while they are pursuing him. He also endangers himself and other road …

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Yoga stunt rider world record relax

Yoga while riding motorcycle

There are many types of yoga – hot, prenatal, restorative, power, etc – but we’ve never heard of moto yoga before! Indian farmer Gugulotu Lachiram, 40, of Khammam, has been a keen sportsman for years and loves motorcycle riding and yoga. So it seemed natural that six years ago he would combine them into his unique brand of moto yoga. …

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Riobert Gull performs ice wheelie stunt guinness world records

Fastest motorcycle wheelie on ice

Imagine doing a wheelie at more than 180km/h … on ice! Swedish racer Robert Gull has done it and, in the process, broken the Guinness World Records’ record for the Fastest motorcycle wheelie on ice with an overall speed of 183.8km/h over 100m. Robert was riding a standard Honda CBR 1000RR fitted with a race …

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Matt Mingay stunt rider

Tips from the top of stunt riding

Australia’s top and most senior stunt rider still has a few tricks up his sleeve. While he won’t say how old he is, Matt Mingay has been stunt riding since 1997, has held three world records and says he is not even thinking of retiring. Since 2006, Matt has been stunt riding on Harley-Davidsons which, …

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