BMW Titan Concept

Is the Titan Concept the future for BMW?

Before you get too excited, this BMW Titan Concept streamliner is just the imagining of freelance industrial designer Mehmet Doruk Edem of Turkey. Mehmet seems fixated on BMWs and streamliners and has designed several other amazing concept motorcycles. His previous concept designs seem to be powered by the Boxer engine. However, this one may have …

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Monoliner in the MIRA Wind Tunnel in February 2015

Are aerodynamic electric bikes the future?

  An aerodynamic “Monoliner” motorcycle has recorded the lowest aerodynamic coefficient of drag for a motorcycle in a wind tunnel and could prove to be the future of electric bikes, according to a British aviation electrician/mechanic. Monoliner project leader Colin Russell now wants to take his Monoliner racing in the European Moto E electric bike …

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Richard Brown and his Jet Reaction streamliner motorcycle

Motorcycle aims to break 400mph

A British engineer hopes to break the 400mph barrier, set a new world record and possibly go as high as 450mph in his two-wheeled, helicopter-powered streamliner motorcycle. Richard Brown, 50, of Oxfordshire, and his team of friends, family and enthusiasts will head to the Bonnevlle salt flats in Utah this September in an attempt to …

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Spirit of Munro Indian Motorcycles streamliner at Sturgis

Burt Munro tribute bike at Moto Expo

The Spirit of Munro Indian streamliner which pays tribute to Kiwi Burt Munro will be one of the stars of more than $5 million of rare bikes on display at the Melbourne Moto Expo this weekend. The Burt Munro tribute streamliner featured in the video above is powered by the Indian 111 Thunder Stroke engine. …

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