Crash speed ‘not linked to rider injury’ saviour

Crash speed ‘not linked to rider injury’

Speed is not necessarily linked to the severity of injuries in a motorcycle crash, according to the first global rider report on motorcycle crashes. The worldwide study makes a mockery of anti-speed campaigns such as “Every K over is a killer” and the overly simplistic “Speed kills”. Some 127 riders from Australia last year were …

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Car ploughed into riders month

Tragic month for NSW and Queensland riders

It’s been a tragic month for riders in NSW and Queensland where 13 people have died as warmer weather has more venturing out on the road. In the past two days, two riders have died on NSW roads and one in Queensland. The latest fatalities involve motorcyclists colliding with large vehicles. A 35-year-old Stafford Heights …

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Motorcycle police VicPol road uniform demonises patrols

Police crash report demonises riders

A police report that claims riders of high-powered motorbikes are over-represented in the crash statistics demonises riders as “thrill seekers” and is “absolutely meaningless”. Victorian Motorcycle Council media spokesman John Eacott says the scant Victorian Police assessment of crash statistics is “akin to claiming that more blue cars crash than white cars”. Victoria Police compiled crash …

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Melting tar claims first crash victim Mt Glorious weekend severe Light roads could fix melting tar Los Angelese

Weekend motorbike crashes more severe

Weekend motorcycle crashes are more severe and costly than during the week, according to figures from insurer Youi. Friday is the worst day for all types of motor vehicle crashes.  However, Youi claims data from January 2016 to September 30, 2017, shows motorcyclists are more likely to crash on a weekend. Saturday is the highest-risk …

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