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Helmet cameras and tinted visors ‘unclear’

Last week’s Helmet Forum still leaves riders unclear about the laws governing the use of helmet cameras and tinted visors, says Australian Motorcycle Council helmet committee chairman Guy Stanford. Guy was one of many rider representatives at the forum, convened by Standards Australia. It was also attended by relevant government departments, university researchers, rider representatives, motorcycle helmet …

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Helmet standard needs revision says forum

A helmet forum in Sydney has decided that the Australian standard for helmets is still relevant – at least for now – but requires revision to make it more explicit and not open to interpretation. Despite all Australian states now allowing European-standard UNECE22.05 helmets, it was pointed out that there are helmets currently being sold …

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Steve Melchor of Just Cruisin’ Harley Tours is challenging his helmet fine

Big heads can wear non-compliant helmets

It seems riders with big heads can wear helmets not compliant under Australian Standards after a NSW Harley tour operator successfully challenged his helmet fine. Steve Melchior of Just Cruisin’ Harley Tours took his fine ($311 and three demerit points) for wearing a non-compliant helmet to court and the case was dismissed. “It was due to me having a letter …

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Victoria accepts Euro helmet standards

Victoria has followed Queensland by accepting European motorcycle helmet standards, placing pressure on other states to follow suit. As of yesterday, Victorian riders are able to wear helmets with an ECE sticker rather than the current Australian Standards sticker. It is also believed New South Wales will be the next state to expand its helmet …

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Steve Melchor of Just Cruisin’ Harley Tours is challenging his helmet fine

Tour operator challenges helmet fine

A NSW Harley tour operator is challenging his helmet fine and wants the state to follow Queensland’s example by accepting international helmet standards. Steve Melchior of Just Cruisin’ Harley Tours is so convinced of the need to accept international standards he is preparing an expensive legal court challenge to his fine for wearing a non-compliant …

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Helmet law reform moves at a slow pace

Riders still face erroneous helmet fines for non-compliance, tinted visors and helmet cams while helmet law reform moves ahead at glacial pace. Last week’s Standards Australia Motorcycle Helmets Forum in Sydney achieved little except to pass on to government ministers the varied ideas for reform of the complex laws and the varied interpretations across state …

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Helmet forum fails to resolve issues

A national motorcycle helmet forum has failed to reach any resolutions nor give riders any clear indication of what is a legal helmet or whether tinted visors and helmet cameras are legal. Today’s forum was convened by Standards Australia and included representatives of state and federal governments, road safety groups, certifiers, retailers, distributors, importers and most importantly …

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Helmet laws - helmet petition, helmet forum helmet forum right edge open

Helmet forum may solve varied laws

There are mixed emotions about the ability of a national helmet forum today (February 19) to resolve the confusing helmet standards across the nation and the varied interpretations by law enforcement. Standards Australia has invited members of the public to participate in the helmet forum in Sydney to discuss changes to helmet laws (and MotorbikeWriter will …

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VLAD laws

Riders can’t buy approved helmets

Riders in Queensland will soon be able to wear internationally approved helmets, but they won’t be able to buy them from their favourite bike shop. And that could have serious safety implications. In February, the Queensland Governor is expected to sign new laws which include axing the rules around Australian standards for helmets and permitting …

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Motul motorcycle helmet cleaner - tinted visor fine

What to do if you cop a helmet fine

If the cops want to fine you for a non-compliant helmet, ask them to throw the book at you, says a motorcycle industry advocate! Without a hint of irony, Australian Motorcycle Council helmets committee chair Guy Stanford suggests that if the cops want to fine you for wearing a helmet camera, having a tinted visor or …

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