Speedo Minder Pro app by Steve Grealy

Speedo Minder app might save your licence

Unlike many speed-alert apps and GPS devices, the new Australian Speedo Minder Pro app alerts riders when they are over the posted speed limit and until they slow down. It also has a lot more adjustment to suit your needs. App developer Steve Grealy, 60, of Adelaide says it took “nearly four years, quite a few …

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Average speed cameras attack

Vigilantes attack speed cameras

Public opinion polls on speed cameras consistently find they are revenue-raisers, prompting motorists to attack them or take unusual, sometimes illegal, measures to avoid them. There are many reports from around the world of speed cameras being attacked and many websites that sell “proven methods” for avoiding them. Attack methods In a recent attack spree …

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Police warning speed camera contradiction

Contradiction in speed warning messages

In a blatant contradiction, NSW police have collected almost $500,000 in fines from motorists flashing their headlights over the same five years a NSW road safety ad claimed motorists’ lives would have been saved if they had known about a speed camera. The fines were imposed on motorists flashing their headlights at approaching vehicles, presumably …

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Fixed speed camera Victoria - fines suspended virus plate scam

Speed camera fines ‘not affected’ by virus

The “WannaCry” ransomware virus that affected 110 Victorian speed cameras in June 2017 and disrupted organisations including the British National Health Service, Russian Interior Ministry and Deutsche Bahn railways did not corrupt speed and red-light fines, a report has found. Police withdrew 600 fines and suspended 55,000 infringements pending the investigation by Victorian Road Safety Camera Commissioner …

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Epidemic of reduced speed limits in 2016

Are there too many changes in speed zones?

Despite a 2014 Austroads report finding there are too many speed zones and the frequency of zone changes is too high, chances of authorities making any changes as a result of the report are minimal, an Austroads official admits. The 116-page “Model National Guidelines for Setting Speed Limits at High-Rick Locations” report is not a …

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Oxley Highway businesses event

Speed limit hits Oxley Highway businesses

Businesses on the Oxley Highway have been impacted since the speed limit on 44km of the eastern mountain section was cut from 100km/h to 80km/h in December 2017. Save the Oxley protestor Ken Healey says business is down and there were “not many bikes” around over Easter. “Groups are not coming as they use to,” …

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Sunshine Coast Black Dog Ride 1 Dayer defend agenda rural may

Set rural speed at 70km/h, says world study

Rural roads without a median barrier should have a 70km/h speed limit, according to new report by the International Transport Forum that studied data from 10 countries including Australia. The report found in all 10 cases that crashes, injuries and fatalities decreased when speed limits were dropped and speed camera use increased. According to a …

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Easter road safety messages for riders

Police will be out in force over the Easter weekend which is traditionally one of the worst for road accidents as traffic volumes increase and riders have more time to go riding. Take it easy and remember, in NSW, ACT and Western Australia, double demerit points apply over Easter. Do they apply to riders from …

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Mt Mee police blitz after residents complain

Speeding riders detour to avoid police

Speeding riders allegedly conducting time trials on Mt Mee Rd have been seen taking a detour along Robinson Rd and riding at high speeds through the residential area to avoid police. A female resident near Robinson Rd says “the boys in blue” have been active over the weekend with a silver unmarked Falcon catching several …

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speed demons monash contradiction

Are motorcyclists really speed demons?

Motorcyclists are frequently the target of police and media hype about speeding, yet the figures show we are not necessarily the speed demons were are made out to be. Car drivers represent about 97% of all speeding offence notices, according to an average of figures obtained from the three eastern states. By comparison, motorcyclists represent …

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