TruCAM II: Rider’s friend or foe?

While some riders may not like the hi-tech TruCAM II radar gun’s ability to more accurately measure speed, the device could also be considered a friend of the motorcyclist. Features which may appeal are its ability to target tailgaters, aggressive drivers, distracted driving and vehicles obstructing traffic. So why aren’t they used more for these …

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Road safety training UN suggests separate motorcycle lanes Remove dangerous roadside hazards

Rider input needed for roadworks

Riders should have input into more than $35 million in roadworks being planned for one of South East Queensland’s most popular motorcycling routes, says a rider representative. The Queensland Government will spend the money on improving the Nerang-Murwillumbah Road, sometimes jokingly referred to as the “Hinze Raceway” as it’s popular with riders and passes by …

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Police target riders over crash deaths

Queensland Police will target motorcycle speeds after a spike in rider and pillion deaths in the first five months of the year, despite the reduction in traffic during the pandemic lockdown. They have vowed to increase their presence and revert to their mobile speed camera program which had been temporarily suspended during the lockdown. Inspector …

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NSW motorcycle police pursuits

Pointless double demerit points for Easter

With riders grounded in most states by the travel restrictions it almost seems pointless that some states have double demerits applying over the Easter long weekend. The “pointless points” start this morning and will end at midnight on Monday 13 April 2020 in NSW, the ACT and Western Australia. In NSW, they’re calling it Operation Tortoise and point …

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Night rider

Police video catches speeding night rider

Queensland Police have charged a man with dangerous operation of a motorcycle after the night rider was videoed riding at more than three times the limit earlier this week. They have now released the Polair video of the incident in north Brisbane which shows the bike going through a fast foot outlet and speeding through streets on …

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Rider arrested on 55 traffic offences

RUNIT rider nabbed on 55 offences

A 22-year-old man wanted for 55 traffic offences including several for speeds of more than 150km/h in Brisbane’s northern suburbs has finally been nabbed. Watch the Queensland Police video below of several occasions where the rider is spotted by police who give up the chase for public safety reasons when he speeds off. He is …

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Double demerit points

How double demerit points can affect you

Double demerit points apply from Friday (20 December 2019) in NSW, the ACT and Western Australia, affecting licensed riders not only in those states, but also Queensland. The penalty period lasts until January 1 (inclusive) in NSW and ACT and January 5 in WA where one rider copped a hefty 14 demerit points and $1200 fine …

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speed alert sign

Electric corner signs alert riders

Signs that light up and display a safety alert and message if you are riding too fast for the corner are being trialled in the UK. British company TWM Traffic Control Systems have developed the LED signs that include a radar sensor. Be alert, not alarmed But don’t worry! The smart alert signs are not …

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LIDAR radar speed gun pulled

Defences to a Lidar speeding fine

Speeding fines based on Lidar or radar readings are difficult to defend, but not impossible, says NSW traffic and criminal law specialist Chris Kalpage. The Ducati-riding solicitor has previously provided our readers with tips on what to do when pulled over by police and defences to speeding fines based on a police officer’s estimate or “check speed”. …

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Zef on the electric bike (Images: ©Harvey Brewster) records

Awesome electric bike sets records

If you think electric motorcycles are quiet and dull, listen to this university-made racer as it heads off to set speed records at the UK Straightliners Land Speed meeting at the weekend.   View this post on Instagram   197mph silent assassin. Four new FIM world records, electric motorbike – 197mph GPS speed (unfaired), waiting …

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