Toby Price Dakar Rally Ricky Brabec limit

Dakar Rally plan to limit top speeds

After the death of two riders in the Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia in January, organisers are planning a series of measures to make the race safer including power restrictions to limit top speeds. Over the years the rally has reduced engine sizes to 450cc to limit the high speeds of some riders who approach …

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New roadworks on Mt Glorious online survey melting tar epidemic

Reduced speed epidemic spreads

Never mind coronavirus; the biggest epidemic seems to be reduced speed limits, especially on popular motorcycle roads around the country. The latest is the reduction of speeds on the very open Wivenhoe-Somerset Rd (aka Splityard Creek Rd) which leads to Brisbane’s Holy Grail of riding, Mt Glorious. A Transport and Main Roads spokesperson says the …

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autobahns autobahn

German autobahns retain open speed limit

Germany has voted down a Greens party suggestion to limit the speed on some autobahns with unrestricted speed limits. It is a common misbelief that all German autobahns have open speed limits. Some do and they will remain unrestricted despite the Greens trying to limit them to 130km/h to “reduce emissions, make the roads safer …

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Resurfacing Roadworks midweek warriors regional

Slug riders over regional crashes: Austroads

Regional speed limits should be reduced up to 30km/h and riders slugged with a levy to fix rural roads, according to a new Austroads report. The worrying proposals are included in the Guide to Road Safety Part 5: Road Safety for Rural and Remote Areas. It points out that motorcyclist deaths have remained stable in major …

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30km/h speed target in Global Road Safety Week city

City speed limit down to 30km/h

Melbourne plans to drop its CBD speed limit to 30km/h, the lowest of any capital city in Australia, following a Monash University report to council. The new speed limit will replace the 40km/h limit introduced seven years ago between Flinders, Spring, La Trobe and Spencer streets. The university research says the lower speed will protect vulnerable …

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Wire rope barriers promise widow vote honoured diverted

Wire rope barrier advocate honoured

A road safety academic who advocates wire rope barriers, lower speed limits and mandatory hi-vis vests for riders, and alcohol interlocks and electronic rider aids on bikes has been honoured with a special award. UNSW Sydney Professor Raphael Grzebieta has been honoured with the 2019 Kenneth A Stonex award in recognition of his lifetime contribution to …

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Curve signs - Oxley Highway may set safety standard Austroads read Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) Signs warnings

Vehicle sensors read speed signs 

Future motorcycles and other vehicles may have sensors that read roadside speed limit signs and electronically intervene to limit the vehicle’s speed. Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) is already included in some luxury cars and could soon be more widespread as automated cars, buses, trucks and even motorcycles become available. The technology uses sensors which “read” …

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30km/h speed target in Global Road Safety Week city

City speed limits to drop even further

City speed limits used to be 60km/h, then they dropped to 50km/h, then 40km/h and now a Melbourne council wants to reduce speed limits in a special zone to 30km/h. Interestingly, the Yarra Council cites crashes involving “vulnerable road users” including motorcyclists as the reason for the speed drop. In fact, they point out that …

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M1 speed limit

State ‘reviews’ highway speed limit

Queensland’s widest and best-engineered highway, the M1 from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, faces a “review” of speeds after the limit was reduced by 10km/h for the Commonwealth Games. If such a well-built road has its speed reduced, what will happen to the rest of the roads in the state? Already speeds have been reduced …

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Oxley Highway businesses event

Speed limit hits Oxley Highway businesses

Businesses on the Oxley Highway have been impacted since the speed limit on 44km of the eastern mountain section was cut from 100km/h to 80km/h in December 2017. Save the Oxley protestor Ken Healey says business is down and there were “not many bikes” around over Easter. “Groups are not coming as they use to,” …

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