M1 speed limit

State ‘reviews’ highway speed limit

Queensland’s widest and best-engineered highway, the M1 from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, faces a “review” of speeds after the limit was reduced by 10km/h for the Commonwealth Games. If such a well-built road has its speed reduced, what will happen to the rest of the roads in the state? Already speeds have been reduced …

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Oxley Highway businesses

Speed limit hits Oxley Highway businesses

Businesses on the Oxley Highway have been impacted since the speed limit on 44km of the eastern mountain section was cut from 100km/h to 80km/h in December 2017. Save the Oxley protestor Ken Healey says business is down and there were “not many bikes” around over Easter. “Groups are not coming as they use to,” …

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Sunshine Coast Black Dog Ride 1 Dayer defend agenda rural may

Set rural speed at 70km/h, says world study

Rural roads without a median barrier should have a 70km/h speed limit, according to new report by the International Transport Forum that studied data from 10 countries including Australia. The report found in all 10 cases that crashes, injuries and fatalities decreased when speed limits were dropped and speed camera use increased. According to a …

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Speed limits 30km/h

How increased speed makes us safer

Advocates of increasing the speed limits say motorists are safer because they focus more when they are driving faster, but now scientific evidence has been provided. Long-time motorcycle rider and flight instructor Peter Callil has provided relevant scientific information gained from years of safety research which started on a flight instructor course in 1988. He says it …

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30km/h speed target in Global Road Safety Week

30km/h target in Global Road Safety Week

Motorists are being urged to slow down to 30km/h in urban areas in the fourth annual United Nations Global Road Safety Week from today (May 8, 2017). The UN “Save Lives #SlowDown” campaign (May 8-14, 2017) cites World Health Organisation (WHO) “research” that claims a 5% cut in average speed can result in a 30% …

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Epidemic of reduced speed limits in 2016 fuel economy designer

Epidemic of reduced speed limits in 2016

One of the worrying trends in 2016 was the epidemic of reduced speed zones around the country, many on great motorcycle roads. The two high-profile examples were the reduction of the open speed limit on a Northern Territory highway to 130km/h and the planned reduction of speed limits in several places on the Oxley Highway. …

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Tex and Bundy on the Save the Oxley ride - Motorcycle Friendly Town (Photo: Keoghs Vision Photography) reprieve - blitz battle

Oxley Highway wins Xmas speed reprieve

Riders can still ride the Oxley Highway with realistic speed limits this Christmas after winning a reprieve from the Roads and Maritime Services. The RMS had earlier this year decided to reduce speed limits in several locations along the famed motorcycle road, beginning with a short stretch near Wauchope in September. Local residents and businesses …

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Save the Oxley protestors await result highway ripple

Save the Oxley organisers claim success

Organisers of the Save of the Oxley rally to halt the reduction of speed limits on the famed motorcycle route have declared Saturday’s event a success. However, the outcome for the speed zones is still in the hands of the Roads and Maritime Services and won’t be known until next month. Every man and his dog …

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10 reasons you should ride to Save the Oxley

10 reasons you should ride to Save the Oxley

Thousands of riders, locals, politicians and business people are expected to attend the Save the Oxley rally tomorrow (Saturday, November 5, 2016) at Gingers Creek to protest reduced speed limits. Organiser Ken Healey, who also organised a petition attracting about 7000 signatures, says the local TV and print media will cover the Save the Oxley …

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road safety epidemic

NT restricts speed despite evidence

Despite a zero fatality rate on highways with open speed limits, the Northern Territory has once again returned to 130km/h speed restrictions. The NT used to have open speed limits on its highways, but in 2006, the then Labor Government imposed a 130km/h limit. Instead of accidents reducing, they increased. In fact, 307 died in the NT over the …

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