NSW motorcycle police pursuits

Double demerit points for long weekend

Double demerit points are in place in NSW and the ACT this Queen’s Birthday long weekend with NSW Police launching Operation Stay Alert from midnight tonight (5 June 2020). NSW Police say they will have officers “out in force targeting speeding, drink and drug driving, driving while fatigued, mobile phone, helmet and other traffic offences” …

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Police target riders over crash deaths

Queensland Police will target motorcycle speeds after a spike in rider and pillion deaths in the first five months of the year, despite the reduction in traffic during the pandemic lockdown. They have vowed to increase their presence and revert to their mobile speed camera program which had been temporarily suspended during the lockdown. Inspector …

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Double demerit points

Double demerit points endanger licence

Riders are warned they could have their licence suspended in one hit under double demerit points which apply this weekend in NSW and the ACT for the Queen’s Birthday (June 8-10, 2019). It follows a hefty 14 demerit points and $1200 fine handed out to a Harley-Davidson rider over the Western Australia Day long weekend …

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AMEP candidate Judith Kuerschner with her partner's 2015 BMW 1200 GSA

Candidate says speed cameras ineffective

Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party candidate, motorcycle crash widow and passionate rider Judith Kuerschner says speed cameras are ineffective. “A speed camera is completely ineffective in stopping the fatality that may occur several minutes after a vehicle has sped past. It’s like smacking a dog on the nose for pooping on your lawn two weeks after …

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speed cameras

Speed cameras a rort, says cop union

Speed cameras are misused as revenue-raisers rather than road safety aids, says West Australian Police Union president George Tilbury. It’s not a statement that many would disagree with or find surprising, except for the fact that it is the police union making the admission. George says the deployment of speed cameras is not in rural …

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Austroads crash report on rear-enders first aid licence checks

More licence checks, fewer speed cameras

The significant number of unlicensed motorcycle riders and riders of stolen bikes who make up the road toll should change police patrolling methods from speed traps to increased licence checks. About one in five Australian motorcycle deaths involve riders not holding a valid motorcycle licence, according to Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety – …

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Covert speed cameras ‘more effective’

A Monash University academic and an Auditor General’s report have backed covert speed cameras as being more effective at reducing general speeding than high-visiblity cameras. Monash University Accident Research Centre professor Max Cameron says high-visibility speed cameras are only good for reducing speed at a black spot. Mobile speed cameras were originally introduced to reduce …

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front number plate turn speed cameras around

Why front number plates are dumb

Front number plates would cost the motorcycle community millions in initial outlay and ongoing annual costs, according to the Victorian Motorcycle Council. READ THEIR FULL REPORT HERE The VMC has compiled their compelling case against front number plates after recent comments by Victorian Road Safety Camera Commissioner Gordon Lewis who claimed the drop in speed camera offences …

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