Solar power Cake Kalk electric motorcycles

Solar power coming for electric motorcycles

A Swedish partnership is being forged to build small portable solar power chargers for electric adventure motorcycles that can be used in remote areas where there are no mains charging points. A portable solar charger would be a great advantage in Australia with our vast distances and plenty of sunshine. It’s a great step forward, …

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Future roads to power electric vehicles

Charging times and battery range may not be an issue for electric motorcycles and cars with researchers looking at turning roads into electricity generators. The US government is funding research into kinetic roads that harvest movement to make electricity and now installing solar panels on roads is being considered. Both systems would generate electricity for …

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Xkuty solar scooter

Solar scooter runs on phone apps

This Spanish-made solar scooter docks in a solar charging station and switches on and off via an iPhone app that also controls navigation and a speed limiter. It’s called the Xkuty – quaint, ain’t it? – has a fast charger under the seat that can charge the scooter in three hours for a 100km range. It also comes as …

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Beast solar power pack

Solar-powered moped

  We’ve previewed a lot of electric two-wheelers here recently, but this is the first to run on solar power. Canadian company Daymak has been working on this solar-powered urban/rural moped for about two years and is just about ready to go into production. The Toronto company is taking deposits now and the vehicle is …

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