Motorbike technology How to ride safely in heavy traffic

Drivers get warning tap for riders

Drivers may soon be tapped on the shoulder to warn them of approaching riders. The Jaguar/Land Rover technology is called Bike Sense and it’s latest car company technology development that could prove safer for riders and help prevent SMIDSY (Sorry Mate, I Didn’t See You) crashes. The company is working on a range of new …

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Volvo technology alerts for riders

Volvo has developed technology that alerts drivers of cyclists and could have ramifications for motorcycle riders. The system involves two-way communication between the car and a rider’s helmet that gives drivers a head-up display rider alert to the presence of riders. Volvo will demonstrate the tech at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (6-9 January …

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Invisible pillars end SMIDSY?

A new invention turns car pillars invisible, but will it put an end SMIDSY (Sorry mate I Didn’t See You) motorcycle crashes? The prototype invention by Jaguar Land Rover uses cameras on the outside of the car to project images on to the A, B and C pillars inside the car so that they become virtually invisible. The …

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Video ad campaign for SMIDSY

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers are at it again with their SMIDSY campaign! The Australian legal firm which seems to have the interest of riders at heart has launched a new ad highlighting SMIDSY. That stands for “Sorry mate, I Didn’t See You” and it represents a vast majority of accidents involving motorcycle riders. The law firm has …

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