smidsy sorry mate crash

‘Sorry Mate I Forgot I Saw You’ crashes

Riders aren’t just common victims of SMIDSY (Sorry Mate, I didn’t See You) crashes, but could also be the victims of SMIFISY. It stands for “Sorry Mate I Forgot I Saw You” and it’s been discovered by a University of Nottingham study into crashes where drivers failed to give way to motorcycles. The info researchers …

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Could self-cancelling indicators prevent T-bone crashes? safety contract turning

Motorcycles vulnerable to turning crashes

Most accidents involving motorcycles and other vehicles occur when the other vehicle is turning across their path. The result can be lethal as the rider hits the car in a t-bone fashion, rather than a glancing blow. There are a number of scenarios of turning-vehicle crashes where the rider is completely blameless and others where …

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victoria nsw cops police Horror bike crashes in two states collision vehicle multi

Rider in his 20s dies after tragic collision

A Victorian rider in his 20s has died after a tragic collision with a car that turned out in front of his motorcycle in Mont Albert, Melbourne, yesterday afternoon (3 April 2019). Police are now appealing for witnesses or dashcam footage. Without knowing the full details of the incident, it appears a classic case of …

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Blind spot SMIDSY Continental German tech company Continental is working on a system to make thick A pillars in cars invisible so drivers can see motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians.

Technology to make A pillars invisible

German tech company Continental is working on a system to make thick A pillars in cars invisible so drivers can see motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians. Most modern cars’ A pillars have have curtain airbags and rollover protection which makes them thick, presenting a huge blind spot that obscures small and vulnerable road users such as …

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Tesla detects lane filtering riders automated

Automated cars ‘increase SMIDSY crashes’

Hi-tech automated cars make drivers lazy and less likely to see motorcycles which could lead to an increase in Sorry Mate, I Didn’t See You (SMIDSY) crashes, a new study has found. Rice University and Texas Tech University studied 60 drivers over a 40-minute drive in a “simulated partially automated vehicle” and found their hazard …

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Motorists rewarded for seeing Joe Rider Ulysses Orange Branch tragic

Motorists rewarded for seeing Joe Rider

Motorists will be rewarded with cash gift vouchers for seeing motorcyclists in a novel twist to the Joe Rider road safety campaign. Orange Ulysses Branch has won a $4100 Community Road Safety Grant from the NSW Government to run the campaign throughout February. Branch president Lester Davis says he hopes the safety campaign will prevent SMIDSY …

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Dashcam 1

New dashcam recorder for motorcycles

More and more dashcam evidence is convicting traffic offenders and protecting vulnerable motorcyclists involved in SMIDSY crashes. Riders have a few options: Riders can wear a helmet camera which even Queensland police recommend and most police use, although Victoria police still believe it is illegal; They can wear an action camera on their body, but …

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Kids children Don’t ever sit on another rider’s bike Jump Start beginner child age

Young riders face age limit and hi-vis

Young riders face more restrictions as a new paper suggests raising the motorcycle licence age to 18 as well as high-vis clothing and a night curfew for novices. The South Australian Government is considering the proposals from the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Automotive Safety Research (CASR) which is based on a 2014 Austroads paper. …

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Motorcycle crash road safety first aid SMIDSY scientific university

University study urges bike awareness training

Motorcycle awareness should be included in all driver training and increased in safety campaigns, according to the authors of an Australian National University study. It found that drivers are twice as likely to miss seeing a motorcycle compared with a taxi and admit they do not expect to see motorcyclists. Riders refer to this phenomenon …

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Cause crash US study

SMIDSY biggest cause of motorbike crashes

It is no surprise that the biggest single cause of crashes is the fact that motorists don’t look for riders, according to a US study. The 2017 US Motorcycle Crash Causation Study was only conducted in Orange Country, California. However, the Oklahoma State University study seems to have similar results to other crash studies around the world. …

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